32. Rizal, Vienna, 24 May 1887

  At the Vienna Museum - Nordmann resembles Rizal's father - Poor sick Dora of the little blue eyes! - Die Tinguianen - It is an honor to win recognition - Interview, with the Extra Blatt reporter.


Vienna, 24 May 1887

  Dear Friend,

What could I do for you in return for your kindness and everything you have done for me? Your letters of introduction come one after the other, so that we find ourselves here as if we were at home. Now we consider some of the gentlemen who where with you as if they were old friends, like for example Mr. Masner and the good old man Mr. Nordmann. Mr. Masner took us to the museum and we would have stayed in it longer if my friend Viola did not get hungry. Mr. Masner is like 313 those from Leitmeritz and he sends regards to you and Dr. Czepelack. I thank mv old friend Czepelack!

Dr. Nordmann is a very likable old man. If I had to choose my father (that is to say, if mine had not come to this world) I would have chosen Mr. Nordmann for my father for the reason that he and my father resemble each other very much spiritually, my father being also courteous and kind and loves young people. He introduced us to his daughter and his wife and called on us today at the hotel. Afterwards, he took a walk with us; introduced me at his club and gave us three theater tickets. He is an excellent man.

Unfortunately we did not meet the other peraons to whom you introduced us and we only left our cards at their homes. But we are sure that they are as good as the first two, because all your friends are good people who receive us heartily, like Messrs. Willkomm, Masner, Nordmann, Klutschack, Czepelack, and others.

Viola and I are very sorry that our little friend Dora is sick. We still remember her little blue eyes; we hear her gay laughter; and we see her diminutive teeth. Poor Dorita! I saw her run behind us when the train was leaving! Very sincerely I wish her to recover soon.

I received Die Tinguianen and I read the dedication. I'm sure that your translation will please very much I. de los Reyes. It is an honor to win recognition that in our own country is denied us!

Much ado about nothing! That is how I could describe the story of my necktie-pin. Even you were bothered by this insignificant thing. How well and carefully packed it was!

Again many thanks!

While I was writing this letter, a gentleman by the name of Mr. Adler came from the newspaper Extra Blatt, requesting an interview, with me. What will become of it? I have such little experience in these things that I am afraid to have been indiscreet in my statements. But all that I told him was the truth and that clears me. Oh my beautiful and unfortunate Native Country!

Tomorrow we depart. Greetings.



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