47. Blumentritt, Leitmeritz, 25 July 1887

  Blumentritt is very sad for not having received news of Rizal's safe arrival home and for the death of two friends, Nordmann and Labhart - Painter Eysert is making a portrait of Blumentritt for Rizal.

  * * *
  Leitmeritz, Austria
25 July 1887
  Doctor José Rizal
Kalamba, Laguna de Bay
Island of Luzon, Philippines
Via Brindisi

Dear Friend,

I am sunk in deep melancholy because of the failure to arrive of the longed-for news of your safe arrival at the side of your loved ones. Then come to us the bad news of the death of our friends Nordmann and Labhart, which distress us. Even my eyes are aching very much. Eysert is definitely painting in earnest an oil portrait of me for you. It may be finished by next week. Professor Robert Klutschack is back from his summer home. He sends you hearty greetings. So also do Dr. Czepelack and Eysert. My loved ones greet and kiss their faithful friend.

    You are close to the heart of

With the cordial greetings of my whole family.

  Your loving brother,
F. Blumentritt.


Hearty greetings to your parents and brothers.


The date of this postcard must be wrong, because Nordmann died later, on August 20, 1887. See also Blumentritt's postcard from August 24, 1887.
(Annotation by Johann Stockinger)

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