66. Rizal, San Francisco, 30 April 1888

  In California under quarantine - Folklorists and anthropologists appear in Ilocos.

  San Francisco, California
30 April 1888
  Dear Friend:

We are anchored in this port under quarantine. We don't know how long it will last although there are no sick passengers aboard and the ship did not come from a filthy port. The reason for this is that we have 643 Chinese passengers and, as elections are approaching, the government wants to be in the good graces of the people. We protest, but it is useless for, as the Spaniards say, it is like exercising the right to kick.

The voyage from Yokohama has been fine; I did not get seasick. On board are many Englishmen, some Japanese and three Filipinos.

I see that many folklorists and future anthropologists are appearing in Ilocos. Here is Mr. Deloserre(1) with whom you have had some dealings. There is something that attracts my attention: In view of the fact that the majority of Filipino folklorists are Ilocanos and they use the epithet Ilocano, anthropologists will classify authentic Filipino customs and usages as Ilocano; but that is our fault. I have Isabelo's works and from Europe I will bring to your attention his observations. He has committed some errors because he does not speak Tagalog well.

Greetings to you and kisses for the children.

  Very respectfully Yours,

(1) Pseudonym of Mr. Isabelo de los Reyes (1864-1938).

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