160. Blumentritt, Leitmeritz, 15 February 1891

  After all the misfortunes suffered by Rizal now his beloved abandons him - How it hurts his heart - But Rizal is like those heroes who conquer the pain of love's wounds - "You have a brave heart and a more noble woman looks at you lovingly : Your Native Land" - The Philippines is like one of the enchanted princesses of German folklore - An album of ethnographic objects from Northern Luzon - Igorot pipes which prove the existence oF ancient relations with Japan - Another review of the Quioquiaps.

  15 February 1891


My Brother,

Only today I'm able to write you. Your last letter filled us with sadness. - After all the misfortunes that have befallen you now your beloved abandons you. My wife can't understand how a woman whom a Rizal has honored with his love could abandon him; she is indignant at that girl. I myself am very sorry, but only for your sake, because I know how your heart aches. But you're one of the heroes who overcome the pain of the wounds inflicted by a woman, because they pursue more lofty ends. You have a brave heart and a more noble woman looks at you lovingly: Your Native Land. The Philippines is like one of the enchanted princesses of German folklore who is the prisoner of an ugly dragon waiting for a valiant knight to liberate her.

I already imagine something like it upon reading your New Year's letter. I said to my wife then that something has happened to Rizal and it was done by a woman. Cherchez la femme!(1)

Your photograph has filled us with joy; it's an excellent likeness. I have not been able yet to show it to Dr. Czepelack; I haven't visited him since 1st February because I'very much work to do, and today when I've planned to do so, I have to stay home on account of a catarrh. I write with much difficulty because my head is aching very much, but as I can't keep silent, I send you these few lines. Dr. Czepelack lives as usual. He writes and paints and so he overcomes his physical pains. Every time I see him, he asks about you. Klutschack has been sick but has recovered. For four years he has been working on his book, Guide to Leitmeritz and its Environs, but he can't finish. it, because he's so thorough that he's always changing something. That's a real work o Penelope.

What novel are you writing? Is it a new edition of Noli me tángere or a new novel?

I've seen the manuscript of A. B. Meyer and A. Schadenberg. It's an album of ethnographic objects, with text, of Northern Luzon. Most wonderful and interesting things! Some Igorot pipes arouse much interest for their decorations which are identical with those of the objects found in very ancient tombs in Japan. This proves that the Igorots must have had relations with Japan long before the coming of the Spaniards.

You'll like much Schiffer Worse; Kielland is another author who writes with his heart.

The Quioquiaps have founded a review in Manila. I've read between the lines that that gang of political bandits will give up their old insults against the Indios. That's already some progress! But I attack Quioquiap again; perhaps the issue of La Solidaridad for today carries my article against Quioquiap.

My family greets its Rizal. Your brother embraces you.


(1) "Look for the woman."

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