166. Blumentritt, Leitmeritz, 20 June 1891

  We go through the Philippines with hands joined - Colonel von Koller read the Noli twice - El Filibusterismo, a thunderbolt that will knock down the enemies - Lippert's work as a souvenir of their mountains - Blumentritt is distressed that Rizal has not abandoned his plan to return to the Philippines - Loleng finds Rizal's photo - The gold pen is now in Europe.

  20 June 1891


Dr. José Rizal

My Brother,

Yesterday I received your letter and I sent you at once all the issues of La Solidaridad for 1891, because I could not find what you have cited, though I remember having said something similar. I'll read La Solidaridad for 1890; maybe it is there. I'm glad that you join my name again to yours; thus we go through the Philippines with hands joined.

I'm curious about your new work. I have told Colonel A. von Koller, an amiable old man, that you have written a new novel; he has read your Noli twice. I know your second novel will be a thunderbolt that will knock down the enemies.

I have sent you the beautiful book of my countryman and friend Lippert. It's a philosophical work whose second instalment you will receive later. Please accept it as a souvenir of our mountains.

It distresses me that you have not given up your plan to return to the Philippines. I'll write you again on this subject; now I must hurry up.

My uncle has rheumatism and I have a throat ailment; this makes the rest of the family suffer, because we cannot go on excursions.

My wife reads all your letters and sends you cordial regards.

We found your photo later; it remained in the envelope and we might have burned it with the envelope had Loleng not seen it. A thousand thanks; it's a good photo.

The gold pen is now in Europe. Ponce brought it from Barcelona to Madrid from where it will be sent to me opportunely.

I'll write your brother soon.

With affectionate regards from us to you and yours. An embrace from



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