185. Blumentritt, Leitmeritz,16 July 1892

  The news of the deportation of Rizal saddens the home of the Blumentritts - He hopes he will regain his freedom - Rizal's devoted friends will work to restore to him his freedom.

  Leitmeritz, Austria
16 July 1892
  Doctor José Rizal

Dearest Rizal:

My entire household is full of gloom. Yesterday we received the news oE your banishment or deportation to the south of the Archipelago. This news has shocked us very much; my wife, Loleng, Fritz and Conradito turn pale because they imagine that the bailiffs maltreat you. I hope that the barbarities with which Barrantes and other gentlemen, who often render lipservice to national nobility, stained the pages of the history of the Philippines, would not be repeated. Under the administration of Despujol, acts of barbarism are not committed; and so I ask you to live in the conviction that informed justice will give you the freedom which mistaken autocracy has robbed you. And do not forget that it you have bitter enemies, you also have devoted friends who will do everything that law and honor to restore to your freedom.

We pray the Most Blessed Virgin to give you her protection. I send you the affectionate regards of my family and receive, with loving and fraternal greetings, a close embrace of your faithful friend,

  Fernando Blumentritt


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