Saturday, April 28,

We arrived at San Franscisco in the morning. We anchored. It is said that we shall be quarantined. The Custom House boat visited us: its flag has this look : [American Custome flag drawn]. The sacks or bags of silk were taken away; a sack costing $700. They are not afraid of the silk; and they were to take their breakfast on board.

Sunday, April 29

Second day of the quarantine. We are greatly troubled and impatient aboard. I have not eaten; it gets my nerve.

Letter To His Parents from San Francisco

Monday, April 30

The quarantine is continued. I read in the paper a statement of the Sanitary Doctor against quarantine.

Tuesday, May 1

The quarantine is continued. We signed a petition against the quarantine; and the Englishmen wrote to their Consul.

Thursday, May 3

Six days of quarantine.

Friday, May 4

At 3 P.M. the quarantine is ended. I stayed at Palace Hotel: $4 a day with bath and everything. Stockton-Str. 312. I saw the Golden Gate.... The Custom House. A letter of recommendation.
On Sunday stores were closed. The best St. in San Francisco is Market St. I took a walk: Stanford, the rich man. - A street near the China Town.

We left San Francisco on Sunday, the 6th, at 4.30 P.M.

Sailed till Oakland.

Source: "Reminiscences and Travels of Jose Rizal". Printed by National Historical Institute.