bibliography of the history of western sexuality

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 general remarks:

The search fields are not case sensitive.



1/ One author or part of names: You can ask for whole names (if partial matching is blank) or parts of names (if partial matching is marked). E.g. eder and partial matching marked would retrieve authors/editors as Eder but also Osterieder and others. eder and partial matching is blank would retrieve Eder, Franz but also Eder, Max and other authors/editors.


2/ One author by first name and family name: If you want to find, e.g., titles of the author Franz Eder you have to specify franz eder and to mark the "partial matching" field.


3/ More than one author: You can find titles by more than one author by specifying the names separated by blanks, e.g., eder hekma hall will find titles with all of these authors/editors.



You can ask for words (or substrings) in the title of articles, books, article collections, dissertations and so on. For more search terms specify the terms separated by blanks, e.g., begierde kultur will find titles with both terms.


 year of publication:

You can ask for a single year or a time period.



Select a region.



Select one or two of the descriptors and combine them with and or or.


 time period:

You can ask for a time period. If you do not specify the "from"-field the system will search for all titles with entries until the specified "until"-field. If you do not specify the "until"-field the system will search for all titles with period entries after the specified "from"-field. Time period will also find titles where the specified time period is only a part of the whole period, e.g., time period from 1910 until 1920 will also find records where the time period field contains, e.g., from 1900 until 1945.
If you want to find time periods before year 1 ad (e.g., the period from 500 bc to 200 ad), you have to type 1 (e.g., from 1 until 200). Value 1 will also appear in the results and means time period before year 1 ad.



If your search retrieves more than 200 records, the output is limited to the first 200 records per query. Please reduce your search criteria, e.g., by specifying the year of publication or the region.


 reset fields:

If you press the bottom reset fields all search fields are reset to default.


 publication data:

For more publication data of the selected records (as publisher, format, ISBN) please contact databases like kvk (important library catalogues and book traders worldwide) or search machines like google.