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Guide to Referencing


Citations in the Text

preceed with " and finish with "; mark missing parts using [...].


Citations in Footnotes

For footnotes use the footnote system of your text processing program.


Book [by Author(s)]

Up to two authors are listed; if there are more than two, only the first appears with the addition "et al.".


Raoul Mortley, The Idea of Universal History from Hellenistic Philosophy to Early Christian Historiography, Lewiston 1996.


Robin G. Collingwood, The Idea of History, rev. ed., introduced by Jan van der Dussen, Oxford and New York 1993, 51.


Julia S. O‘Connor et al., States, Markets, Families. Gender, Liberalism and Social Policy in Australia, Canada, Great Britain and the United States, Cambridge, UK et al. 1999.


Book [by Editor(s)]

Up to two editors are listed; if there are more than two, only the first appears with the addition "et al.", add "ed." or "eds."


Barbara Nelson and Najma Chowdhury, eds., Women and Politics Worldwide, New Haven and London 1994.


Marnie Hughes-Warrington, ed., World Histories, Basingstoke 2005


Article in an Edited Book

Marnie Hughes-Warrington, Writing World History, in: William McNeill, ed., Berkshire Encyclopedia of World History, vol. 5, Great Barrington, Conn. 2004, 2095-2103.


Journal Article

Marnie Hughes-Warrington, Big History, in: Social Evolution & History, vol. 4, issue 1 (Spring 2005), ed. Graeme Donald Snooks, 7-21 [also available in: Historically Speaking, November 2002, 16-17, 20].


Reference Cited in Another Work

Cited from Dan Smail, On Deep History and the Brain, Berkeley 2008, 45, and In the Grip of Sacred History, in: American Historical Review, vol. 110, no. 5 (December 2005), 1337-1361, from 1350.


Later References

If referring for a second time to a previously cited work, it is not necessary to repeat all details in full. Include enough information to identify the work and other information such as page numbers, for example:


Smail, On Deep History, 46.


same author and work as cited in the footnote immediately preceding, same page number:



different page number:

ibid., 22


Electronic Resources

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