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There are no events for this year.

AARG 2018 Venice

Our next AARG annual meeting will be in Venice/Italy from September 12-14.

Official conference website

2018-09-12–2018-09-14 LocationVenice

AARG 2017 Pula

Our next AARG annual meeting will be in Pula/Croatia from September 13-15.

The official conference website is: http://www.unipu.hr/aarg2017/ where you can register for the event.

See also the programme of the meeting.


AARG 2016 Pilsen

Our next AARG annual meeting will be in Pilsen from September 7-9. For more information, visit the official conference website: https://sites.google.com/site/aargpilsen2016/.

The conference will be at the museum: http://www.zcm.cz/profil-muzea.

2016-09-07–2016-09-09 LocationPilsen

AARG 2015 Santiago de Compostela

Our next AARG meeting will be hosted by the Institute of Heritage Sciences in Santiago de Compostela.

Date: September 9th untill September 11th.

The official website can be found at: aarg2015.incipit.csic.es



2015-09-09–2015-09-12 LocationSantiago de Compostela / Spain

AARG 2014 Dublin

September 24–26, Dublin / Ireland

24-26 September 2014.


Download Programme and Book of Abstracts!

Detailed information can be found at the official website

Conference themes:

Landscapes or aerial data-to-knowledge, Public and crowdsourcing aerial archaeology, New technologies, Local session (Ireland), Aerial survey detail: top-down/bottom-up, Conflict archaeology: from the air.

Organised by:

Aerial Archaeology Research Group,

University College Dublin & Discovery Programme

Field Trip

Tara, Slane, Brú na Bóine, New Grange – Knowth via Dublin Airport


Closing date for all proposals (with title and abstract) is 31st May 2014


2014-09-24–2014-09-26 LocationDublin / Ireland

AARG 2013 Amersfoort / The Netherlands

Our next AARG meeting will be in Amersfoort, 26-28 September 2013.
It will be AARG’s 30th anniversary!
Detailed information can be found at the official website

2013-09-26–2013-09-28 LocationAmersfoort, The Netherlands

AARG 2012 Budapest / Hungary

Please, refer to the official website.


AARG Meeting Poznan 2011

Our next AARG meeting will be in Poznan, 21-24 September 2011.

Please, have a look at the Second Call for Papers

It will be a joint conference between AARG and EARSel

Visit the Official website: http://www.archeo.amu.edu.pl/aarg-earsel/

2011-09-21–2011-09-25 LocationPoznan

AARG 2010 Bucharest

2010-09-15–2010-09-19 LocationBucharest, Romania

AARG Meeting Siena 2009

Organised by the University of Siena, Italy, and
the Aerial Archaeology Research Group

Official Conference Website

Programme (pdf)

List of Posters (pdf)

Call for Papers (pdf)

Booking form (doc)

Booking form (pdf)

2009-09-25–2009-09-28 LocationSiena

AARG Meeting Ljubljana 2008

2008-09-08–2008-09-12 LocationLjubljana

AARG Meeting, Copenhagen 2007


National Danish Agency for Cultural Heritage, H.C. Andersens Boulevard 2, DK-1553 Copenhagen


25-27 September, 2007

Call for papers

Conference website

2007-09-25–2007-09-28 LocationNational Danish Agency for Cultural Heritage, H.C. Andersens Boulevard 2, DK-1553 Copenhagen


University of Bath
Address for conference correspondence:
Dave Cowley
16 Bernard Terrace
Edinburgh, EH8 9NX
Email dave.cowley@rcahms.gov.uk
** Papers and posters are invited for both conference days **
Monday September 11th. Conference Day 1 - Provisional sessions:
‘Is mapping working?’/’Is flying failing?’; New projects
Tuesday September 12th. Conference Day 2 - Provisional sessions
Using historic aerial photographs; Postgraduate research; Digital photography; Aerial archaeology in the round
Wednesday September 13th . Conference Day 3
Field trip to selected prehistoric sites on Salisbury plain
Note: these session titles are provisional. All papers welcomed.
Offers for oral papers of 30 minutes duration (max), and poster presentations, are invited for the two conference days – see Chairman’s Piece AARGnews 32 for more detail. Closing date for abstracts is 31st May 2006.
These are aimed at supporting bona fide students who are interested in aerial archaeology and who wish to attend. Anyone wishing to apply should write to Dave Cowley, RCAHMS, 16 Bernard Terrace, Edinburgh, EH8 9NX, Scotland with information about their interests in archaeology and aerial archaeology, as well as their place of study. Annual closing date for applications is 1 July.
Aerial Archaeology Research Group website:http://aarg.univie.ac.at/

2006-09-11–2006-09-14 LocationBath, UK

AARG 2005 Leuven

2005-09-19–2005-09-22 LocationLeuven / Belgium

AARG 2004 Munich

2004-09-05–2004-09-09 LocationMunich / Germany

AARG 2003 Winchester

2003-09-02–2003-09-05 LocationWincherster / UK

AARG 2002 Canterbury

2002-09-10–2002-09-13 LocationCanterbury / UK

AARG 2001 Vienna

2001-09-19–2001-09-24 LocationVienna / Austria

AARG 2000 Aberdeen

2000-09-05–2000-09-08 LocationAberdeen / UK

AARG Meeting Bournemouth 1999


Date: 13-15th September 1999
Place: Bournemouth University.

Provisional programm

(content and running order may be subject to alteration)

Monday 13 September - AARG conference day

AARG Annual General Meeting

Conference Session

  • Current Projects
    • Exmoor National Park - Veryan Heal
    • Developer-funded projects - Rog Palmer and Chris Cox
    • West Yorkshire multidisciplinary project - Alison Deegan
  • Technical and practical session
    • Interpretation and mapping of vertical and oblique photographs using digital photogrammetry and GIS - Michael Doneus
    • Men in black come down from sky: air photography from a Robinson R22 helicopter - Chris Musson
    • Irwin Scollar's AirPhoto program - Rog Palmer
    • Rapid large-area survey in Africa - Patrick Darling. Followed by a group practical exercise - comparison of rapid survey methods

Tuesday 14 September - Field trip to a site or sites "somewhere in Wessex..."

Wednesday 15 September - AARG conference day linked with EAA

Conference Session

  • National survey projects
    • Including reports from Poland, Latvia, Hungary, Jordan, England
  • Heritage Management and "new" heritage topics
    • Avebury World Heritage Site - Melanie Pomeroy
    • Urban landscapes - Kate Clarke
    • 20th Century military heritage - Mike Anderton
    • Industrial landscapes - Mark Bowden
    • Aerial archaeology: towards postprocessual thinking - Wlodek Raczkowski

Session will end before the opening of the EAA conference at 15.00 hrs.

1999-09-13–1999-09-16 LocationBournemouth University

AARG Meeting York 1998


Date: 10-12th September 1998
Place: College of Ripon and York St. John, York.

This year's meeting takes place in York, host city to the Arts Council UK Year of Photography and the Electronic Image. In addition to the standard AARG meeting and field trip (a day's visit to the Yorkshire Dales), this year's conference will incorporate a public dayschool on Saturday 12th September. Its title will be:



Archaeological aerial photography past, present, future

The Aerial Archaeology Research Group presents a day of talks, demonstrations and displays, covering the history and development of the study of the past using aerial photography.

Saturday 12 September 1998 10.00 - 16.00

Temple Hall, College of Ripon and York St John

Images of history
10.00-10.45 Bob Bewley - From Military to Civilian: a brief history of aerial archaeology
10.45-11.30 Gordon Maxwell - Impulse of Delight: aerial enlightenment and archaeology in Scotland
11.30-12.00 Chris Going - Historic aerial photographs from WWII
12.00-13.30 - Lunch - Free time for viewing exhibitions and demonstrations

Images of the future
13.30-13.50 Michael Doneus - mapping using GIS and landscape modelling

Images of Yorkshire
13.50-14.10 Graham Lee - From There to Here : moving on from the aerial evidence
14.10-14.30 Rob White - Aerial survey and mapping for landscape management in the Yorkshire Dales National Park
14.30-15.00 Cathy Stoertz - Glimpses of Ancient Landscapes: the Yorkshire Wolds
15.00-15.20 Pete Horne/Dave MacLeod - Flying backwards around Yorkshire

Flying backwards around the world...
15.20-16.00 A slide show of stunning images based on the best of international aerial archaeology
16.00 - 16.30 - Tea - and final viewing time

1998-09-10–1998-09-13 LocationCollege of Ripon and York St. John, York.

Aerial Archaeological Training Week Poland 1998

Official course statistics

46 participants from 14 countries: (23 students; 15 tutors, pilots and guest lecturers; 8 staff)

28 Polish
1 Russian
2 German
1 Romanian
2 Czech
1 Slovenian
2 Lithuanian
1 Austrian
1 Estonian
6 combined British (3 English, 1 Scottish,1 Welsh, 1 mid-Atlantic)
1 Latvian


Aircraft time:
Pilot Sorties Hours
Otto Braasch 23 33 hrs 19
Tomas Janicek 16 19 hrs 05
Micolai Zdun (Wilga) 6 10 hrs 05
Total 45 62 hrs 29


Total student air time 138 hrs 15
Total films 108
Total frames 3888


Approximately 160m of film was exposed - according to our calculations, this is equivalent to three times the length of the long water-chute at the Hotel Akwawit, Leszno (although to the best of our knowledge this comparison was not experimentally verified by the early-morning swimmers).


Students with most air time:
Male: Jacek Nowakowski (5 flights - 7 hrs 17)
Female: Agnieszka Martyniuk (4 flights - 5 hrs 44)

1998-07-03–1998-07-10 LocationLeszno / Poland

AARG 1997 Edinburgh

1997-09-17–1997-09-20 LocationEdinburgh / UK

AARG 1996 Chester

1996-09-18–1996-09-20 LocationChester / UK

AARG 1995 Lincoln

1995-09-20–1995-09-22 LocationLincoln / UK

AARG 1994 St. Ives

1994-10-19–1994-10-30 LocationSt. Ives / UK

AARG 1993 Abergavenny

1993-09-20–1993-09-21 LocationAbergavenny / UK

AARG 1992 Dublin

1992-09-17–1992-09-19 LocationDublin / Ireland

AARG 1991 Glasgow

1991-09-24–1991-09-25 LocationGlasgow / UK

AARG 1990 York

1990-09-25–1990-09-26 LocationYork / UK

AARG 1989 Bradford

1989-09-26–1989-09-27 LocationBradford / UK

AARG 1988 Bristol

1988-09-28–1988-09-29 LocationBristol / UK

AARG 1986 Cambridge

1986-09-22–1986-09-23 LocationCambridge / UK

AARG 1985/2 Cambridge

1985-09-09–1985-09-10 LocationCambridge / UK

AARG 1985/1 Cambridge

1985-01-07–1985-01-08 LocationCambridge / UK

AARG 1984 Cambridge

The second AARG meeting was again held in Cambridge, March 1984.



1984-03-26–1984-03-28 LocationCambridge / UK

AARG 1983 Cambridge

AARG first meeting organised by Rowan Whimster for 5-6 September, 1983.  35 participants.



1983-09-05–1983-09-06 LocationCambridge / UK