Aerial Archaeology Research Group

Reading list: (revised March 2013)


  • http://www.univie.ac.at/Luftbildarchiv/ Written in English, this web site covers the basics of aerial survey and ALS and shows uses of these in landscape archaeology.
  • Renfrew, C. and Bahn, P., 2012. Archaeology: theories, methods and practice (6th edition). Thames and Hudson: London. (‘Aerial Survey’, p78-87)

Photo reading examples

  • Wilson, D.R., 2000. Air Photo Interpretation for Archaeologists. Tempus, Stroud.

Informative stuff

  • http://www.archaeolandscapes.eu/ Topics of interest may be found in the Capture, Interpret and Case Studies pages.
  • Brophy, K. and Cowley, D. (ed), 2005. From The Air: Understanding Aerial Archaeology. Tempus, Stroud.
  • AARGnews (the newsletter of the Aerial Archaeology Research Group). AARG members have free access to pdf copies of all past issues, non-members can get all but the most recent issues. http://www.univie.ac.at/aarg/php/cms/index.php?s=AARG-News

Using archival images

ALS (lidar)

  • Crutchley, S. and Crow, P., 2009. The Light Fantastic: using airborne laser scanning in archaeological survey. Swindon: English Heritage. [free pdf download: http://www.english-heritage.org.uk/publications/light-fantastic/]
  • Rachel Opitz and Dave Cowley (ed), 2013. Interpreting Archaeological Topography: 3D data, visualisation and observation. Oxbow, Oxford.

Uses of satellite images

  • Comer, D.C. and Harrower, M.J. (ed), 2013. Mapping Archaeological Landscapes from Space. Springer: New York.