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ANTARES - Advanced Numerical Tool for Astrophysical RESearch

The ANTARES-code supersedes our former ASCIC2 and ASCIC3 finite difference codes; as of now it embraces


compressible hydrodynamics, MHD, full radiative transfer

low Mach number option under development

1D, 2D and 3D case all encomprised in one Fortran90 code

practically no overhead, e.g. from MHD, when running in the pure hydro-mode or from high-dimension facilities when running a low-dimension model

various high resolution numerical schemes (essentially non oscillatory and convex non-oscillatory)

order of spatial and temporal discretization can be chosen arbitrarily to a considerable extent



full parallelization via MPI

local mesh refinement

realistic microphysics (including e.g. thermodynamics of mixtures) and opacities

various boundary conditions (specific ones for convection; cosmic cube: periodic in all directions,…)

working on various platforms and compilers under Unix and Windows



VIVAT - VIennese Visualization and Analysis Tool

tool for visualization and analysis of our modelling data on the basis of Visualization Toolkit. Presently under rapid development.

VTK-routines (naturally) in C++

GUI in Java™