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Diploma and PhD Theses

For interested students from Austria or abroad, there exist quite varied topics for diploma or PhD theses, including or combining issues such as

  • Investigation of numerical algorithms, in particular high resolution methods
  • Various issues in software development
  • Parallel algorithms, actual parallelization
  • Visualization
  • (Astro-)Physical studies in the realm of numerical hydrodynamics, magnetohydrodynamics and related topics

In some cases, there may financial support be available. For foreign students, some of the remarks and links listed below regarding financial support for PhD theses may be useful.



Postdoc Positions

We appreciate the interest of possible postdocs either from Austria or abroad. Unfortunately, there is no program which on a regular basis would provide financial aid. While in a few cases on may draw on research grants provided to H.J. Muthsam, postdocs would in general be required to look themselves for financial aid either from their country (ask also the Austrian Embassy of your country whether there are special programs) or from one of the following links:

In particular we emphasize that prospective visitors from Germany might be aided by a special program of the Alexander von Humboldt Stiftung, since H.J. Muthsam has formerly been a Humboldt fellow.