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Emerging Field Oxidative Stress and DNA Stability

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Scientific Symposium at the Department of Nutritional Sciences (24. & 25.Nov. 2011)
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Research Platform "Active Aging" approved
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Karl-Heinz Wagner  

Karl-Heinz Wagner, PhD, Univ.Prof.

Head of the Emerging Field
Study Dean Nutritional Sciences
Director Research Platform "Active Ageing"
Vice Head Department of Nutritional Sciences

Research rea/Project:
Oxidative Stress, DNA Stability, Clinical Trials,  Biofunctionality of Foods/Food Biochemistry, Physical activity studies  

Short description:
Born in 1971, Professor Dr. Karl-Heinz Wagner studied Nutritional Sciences at the University of Vienna, Austria. He completed his habilitation at University of Vienna and had different research visits at Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), Griffith University and University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia. He has co-operational partners in many European countries, Australia and the U.S. He is awarded with an Emerging Field, which he heads, by the Scietific Advisory Board the Faculty of Life Sciences, University Of Vienna.

He is Study Dean of the Nutritional Sciences curricula and gives lectures at the University of Vienna and at University of Ljubljana, Slowenia. He leads the University Research Platform "Active Ageing", the Emerging Field "Oxidative Stress and DNA Stability" and Co-leads the Faculty Focus “Nutrition associated molecular mechanisms of ageing”. He is member of different societies in the field of nutrition and food sciences, free radical research and reviewer of many scientific journals in these fields. He is member of the study commission, the faculty board, of various scientific boards and in the Leadership team of the AOCS-European section.  

Research interests started with Vitamin E and the antioxidative potential of the various vitamin E forms. Then the focus was explored to bioactivity and safety aspects of food or food compounds such as plant oils, phytosterols and their oxidation products or melanoidins which are tested in in vitro, cell line and bacteria studies as well as human intervention trials. Oxidative Stress and DNA stability is further evaluated with sophisticated biomarkers in clinical trials e.g. in diabetics, hobby triathletes and, in an international co-operation project, bile pigments will be tested on their beneficial potential the upcoming years.
The link physical activity, diet and ageing comes together in the University research platform "Active Ageing".
Currently, Karl-Heinz Wagner is Prof. at the Department of Nutritional Sciences, University of Vienna and Vice Head of the department. He is married and father of two children.

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Bild Univ. Prof. Dr. Karl-Heinz Wagner
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