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On the outbreak of the First World War the University was transformed into a military hospital and quarantine station for around 1,000 patients. The Great Ceremonial Hall served as a dining-hall and waiting room for the wounded, the neighbouring Small Ceremonial Hall was adapted as an operating theatre. Many students were employed as nursing and auxiliary personnel. Courses on "Economic Conduct in Time of War" could not disguise the general poverty of the University, the enforced cuts in study and research, the interruption of international contacts and the great shortages of books and research materials.

Lit.: Richard Wettstein, Rechenschaftsbericht über die Einrichtung eines Verwundetenspitals [...] (Wien 1914)


A Lecture Room as an Operating Theatre for Wounded Soldiers, 1914/15

(Photo in the Archive of the University of Vienna)


The Arcaded Court of the University, 1914/15

The "Scholars' Hall of Fame" served, during the First World War, as a convalescent area for those wounded in action. (Photo in the Archive of the University of Vienna)