ASNIE scholar André Schlüter hosting a session at the 6th Annual Uruguayan Economic History Congress

The Session „European settler societies: patterns and trajectories in the long run in comparative perspective, 19th and 20th century“ will be held at the 6th URUGUAYAN ECONOMIC HISTORY CONGRESS in Montevideo, Uruguay from 2-4 December 2015.

Description: Since the 1960s the historical development patterns of European settler societies have encouraged comparative research in the international arena. The historical knowledge accumulated and the recent globalization challenges for this set of countries have contributed to renewing questions, problems and theoretical and methodological approaches.

The session aim is to gather comparative research on development trajectories in the settler societies (Argentina, Uruguay, southern Brazil, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and USA) in the long term and/or in different historical periods throughout 19th and 20th centuries. This covers the countries’ formation periods, the first globalization era, insulationism and import substitution industrialization, and the recent globalization era.

The objective is to discuss the divergent paths of the settler economies including shared development patterns in the global economy. We will examine domestic institutional trajectories, international relations, natural resource endowments and the specialization pattern, technological change processes and productivity growth, and the processes of structural change. Papers that put the focus on population dynamics and its relationship to development and on native people and their role in shaping mono or multicultural societies are also welcome.

The symposium seeks to attract research with different theoretical and methodological approaches that can provide new historical knowledge and enrich the debate on the factors involved in the formation of different trajectories and historical development patterns.

Session organizers:

Jorge Álvarez Scanniello University of the Republic, Uruguay │corresponding session organiser

Richard Boast Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

Andre Schlüeter Universität Wien, Austria

Henry Willebald University of the Republic, Uruguay


DEADLINES: Abstract submission: (up to 300 words): 14 August, 2015

Acceptance notification: 30 August, 2015

Final Paper submission: 12 October, 2015

Papers in English, Spanish and Portuguese are all welcome.

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