Right Wing Extremism at University of Vienna

Positions of the BaGru regarding ÖH 2017 election topics

Neonazis and the extremist right are trying to establish themselves at Universities. The Ring Freiheitlicher Studenten (RFS) is the political fraction that tries to make this possible. Not only is the RFS the student organization of the right wing FPÖ, but also a cluster of radical right wing organisations like the Identitäre Bewegung, Burschenschaften and traditionalist neonazi movements like the Group “Unwiderstehlich”. Therefore it isn’t surprising that the RFS frontrunner tries to downplay the behaviour of such groups on a regular base [1] or that a member of the the Idenditäre – who threatened a journalist in 2013 – is running as a RFS candidate for the student respresentation of the political sciences [2]. Those ties are fostered by people like Markus Ripfl, who is head of the RFS in Vienna and local councilman for the FPÖ [3] and couldn’t resist to state on the 8th of may (the anniversary of the unconditionally capitulation of Nazi-Germany) on his facebook page, that he wouldn’t celebrate the “occupation”[!] through the allies, but rather remembers the fallen [german] soldiers of WWII (“They’ve been heroes”) and the victims of “one of the worst crimes ever committed to a people, the expulsion of the Germans” [4] or Frederick Christopher von Mengersen [5]. The rise of radical right, racist and neo-nazi violence was already issued by us at the beginning of the current semester, among others because BaGru-Kammerl was hit directly [6]. The quantity as well as the intensity of such attacks has raised since [7] and can likewise be observed in society as a whole [8]. Beneath harassments, threats and violent actions right extremists try to implement racist, ethnic ideology on an official, university policy level. As an example the RFS claims, that students, who don’t have an EU-passport, have to pay tuition fees [9], which would constitute a distinct discrimination. Furthermore the RFS attacks scientifically profound fields of research at the University of Vienna such as Gender Studies, as they don’t fit in the narrow, traditionalist, right-wing ideology. We have to refuse this pure ideological conditioned attacks on a social-science field of research not only from a scientific standpoint, but also based on our feminist principle. That’s why we appreciate, that even the faculty of social sciences positioned itself against this trend [10].

In the light of current events, we cannot skip the outrageous revelations around the ÖVP-related Aktionsgemeinschaft (AG), resp. their subsidiary at the faculty of law, the AGJus. The main campaign issue of the AG is – like at the last few elections – the depoliticisation of the ÖH (as it can be seen in the causa TutPro [11]), at the same time antisemitism, ableism and misogyny are part of the bon ton in the AG, as was revealed just now. Among other causes, that’s why we deem it absolutely essential to defend the ÖH takes part in debates of general political affairs (and not only in matters, which concern students directly) (A more detailed position to this subject will be published in the next few days). By now the names of four of the involved are circulating. Two of them can be found on the list of candidates for the student-representation on the University of Vienna (including the prime candidate), for the student-representation of Austria even all four of them are listed as candidates. We share the claims of the ÖH Uni Wien [12] und the dean of the faculty of law [13], people, that represent such a kind of inhuman ideology, have no place in university. Not in teaching, not at the Wednesday “Bummel” of the right extremist, nationalist Burschenschaften at the ramp of the University and all the less at any level of the students-representation!

These examples are part of the reason why we support the continuation of the left-wing coalition at the ÖH Uni Wien.

Take a stand, vote, stay loud and organize yourself: There is no place for Nazis at the University!

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