Blurred Body Boundaries

Early Modern Natural Philosophy Meets Postmodern Gender Theory

International Conference: June, 14th – 15th, 2012

This conference takes the challenge to congregate two ‘bodies of knowledge’ that even in contemporary scientific communities are not customary subjects of a vivid exchange of ideas: Postmodern feminist and gender theories and Early Modern scientific discourse. The core hypothesis of the conference is that the two periods, which frame the so-called Scientific Revolution, share significant epistemological ventures and habits of thought. The complex field of mutual influences between the "inside" and the "outside" of the body that preoccupy Early Modern philosophy is also a core problem in recent theories on body regimes. Especially today’s Gender theorists depict the idea of an embodied mind, which subverts the dichotomist order of matter and form. The innovative thematic approach will be reflected in the organization of the panels: Scholars from the field of Gender Studies and of Renaissance Studies will equally share presenting and discussing papers along different topics.