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ICCPR State Reports

last updated Jan 19, 2009

Under article 40 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), each State Party has to submit to the Human Rights Committee (CCPR) reports on the measures they have taken to give effect to their obligations under the Covenant. The initial report is due within one year of the entry into force of the Covenant for that State Party, and thereafter supplementary periodic reports have to be submitted, by general rule every four years.

In the main part of the initial report, State Parties are requested to address in detail every article in Parts I, II and III of the Covenant, and in particular:

  • Describe legal norms, including the constitutional and legal framework for the implementation of Covenant rights;

  • Explain and give examples of the factual situation and practical availability, effect and implementation of remedies for violations of Covenant rights.

In their periodic reports, States Parties need not report on every article of the Covenant, but are requested to focus on those provisions identified by the Committee in its concluding observations, the progress made towards the enjoyment of Covenant rights by persons within its jurisdiction, and those articles in respect of which there have been significant developments since the submission of the previous report.