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gTo nag mgo gsum. Uwe Niebuhr 2013|WHAV:94493
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gTo nag mgo gsum. Uwe Niebuhr 2013|WHAV:94522

Roll up a piece of paper with this mantra inscribed on it and place it inside [the effigy]. For the effigy for this Three-headed [Man] from the Black Rituals, with soft clay mix earth from beneath the [house of a] blacksmith and the earth from ruined building. Build a two-level Sumeru inside an iron skillet (001), and on top of that make the body of a human with three heads.

To the right there should be the blue head of a tiger; to the left the black head of a pig; and in the centre, there should be the yellow head of a bull. [It should have] the tail of a monkey. In the right hand insert a red torma, with ephedra and white mustardseed, and in the left a tally-stick. Smear the body with the ash of a [cremated] corpse and poison blood.

There should be a black canopy with rainbow patterns, and thread crosses of the same colour as the respective models of the heads. Make whatever black thread crosses and splints as there [ought to] be.

There should be the eight trigrams, and at the waist there should be the nine magic squares and nine heart-shaped tormas-vessels; the twelve months of the annual cycle and twelve splints (or: twelve splints for the twelve months of the annual cycle); the sky-splints should accord with the time (?).

For living beings in general there should be eight precious rgyang bu [=eight trigrams]: to the east, for the tiger and the hare, green; to the south, for the horse and the snake, red; to the west, for the bird and the monkey, white; to the north, for the rat and the pig, black; in the four intermediate directions, there should be the dog, the dragon, the bull and the sheep yellow.

For the annual cycle of twelve months there should be twelve precious splints.

On the upper part of its body there should be the eight trigrams and eight ngar mi. At the waist, there should be the nine magic squares and nine heart-shaped torma-vessels (’brang rgyang = ’brang rgyas).

There should be cups of blood to the right and left; [dough prints of] vampires that prey on men and of those that prey on women. [The central effigy] should be surrounded by twelve food-tormas and twelve tetrahedrons, as well as squeezed cylinders, pieces of meat, the feather of an owl and the feather of a crow, ephedra, white mustardseed and the various ritual items for [repelling] gossip.

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