Uwe Niebuhr 2015|WHAV:ic7369
Uwe Niebuhr 2015|WHAV:ic7370
Name (tib.): ཉི་པང་སད་
Name (translit.): nyi pang sad
Category: torma (gtor ma) :: protectors of the doctrine (bka' skyongs [བཀའ་སྐྱོངས་]) :: male protectors (pho rgyud [ཕོ་རྒྱུད་])
Desctiption (body): round seat (gdan zlum po [གདན་ཟླུམ་པོ་]); center body: one-storey castle (mkhar thabs [མཁར་ཐབས་]), on top: triangle-based ogive cylinder (zur gsum [ཟུར་གསུམ་]) with a "king's" turban (thod bcing [ཐོད་བཅིང་]); 1st retinue: 4 square-based ogive cylinder (gru bzhi [གྲུ་བཞི་]) with turban (thod bcing [ཐོད་བཅིང་]); behind: 2 replacement (gtor 'dab* []); in front, to left and right: pot for food (zan phor [ཟན་ཕོར་]). [UN]
Desctiption (butter):  
Dimensions (h x d): 18.8 cm x 10.0 cm
Material: flour, butter
Workshop: Triten Norbutse Monastery
Artist (body): Lama Yeshe Rabsal (Khyung) (ye shes rab gsal khyung)
Artist (butter):  
Manuscript reference: page 172, row 4-5; http://whav.aussereurop.univie.ac.at/ic/6391/
Text passage (tib.): རྒྱལ་པོ་ཉི་པང་ལ་མཁར་ཐོད་ཏུ་གྲུ་བཞི་ཐོད་བཅིང་ལ་རང་འདྲ་བཞིས་བསྐོར་ / སྨོན་ལམ་ལ་ཏིང་ལོ་སྟེང་དུ་བཤོས་བུ་གཙོ་འཁོར་དགུ་ /
Text passage (translit.): rgyal po nyi pang la mkhar thod tu gru bzhi thod bcing la rang 'dra bzhis bskor / smon lam la ting lo steng du bshos bu gtso 'khor dgu /
Text passage (eng.):  
Iconographical Reference: http://www.himalayanart.org/items/70140
Date (body): 16/01/2015
Date (butter): 17/01/2015
Date (destruction): 19/01/2015

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