This glossary describes the individual components being used in the manufacture of tormas. While some of these elements are mentioned in the instructions for the making of tormas, others are not explicitly mentioned, although they form an integral part of the production.

The individual elements of each Torma of the torma workshops documented in the course of the project have been analyzed in order to create this systematical overview. The name and meaning of each component were determined by interviews with the monks of the respective workshops, because neither an existing glossary nor explanatory texts have been available so far.

All terms in the glossary are given in English, Wylie and Tibetan. Terms marked with (*) still need to be verified. An in depht description of the meaning of these terms is part of the PhD thesis of Uwe Niebuhr and will be supplemented at a later date on this website. The image material for the glossary was selected from the complete corpus of the investigated Tormas. [UN]

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