In this section, texts, images and videos are from Charles Ramble. This content will unfortunately remain in a draft state.


//srid pa’i gto nag mgo gsum bzhugs pa legs+hō//


1. //kong tse ston pa’i sku la phyag ’tshalo (’tshal lo)// byad kha phur kha (?) chag che nyams
2. nga dang/ yul du nad yam byung ba dang/ ltas ngan thaṃd (thams cad) gto ’di yi mi bzlog gang yang med/ aum bha ti mug ti
3. dhe ba phri pri na ma’i tso tri yagsha gu pa/ za ’dre phung ’dre kha bsgyur cig// khri bsgyur yi bsgyur
4. sdyed (sde brgyad) kyi sri kha lang pa kha bsgyur cig/ gza’ dang cho ’phrul bya ru ma gton kha ru ma gtub
5. pa thaṃd (thams cad) gto ’di’i dgra dang bgegs kyi steng du bhyo bhyo ÷÷ lo tsha kha tsha la hur thum dza bzlog bhyo÷÷

Homage to the body of the Teacher Kong tse. There is nothing that cannot be repulsed by this gto: curses and slander, high taxes (? chag che), whatever illnesses and epidemics (nad yam) might appear in the community. aum bha ti mug ti dhe ba phri pri na ma’i tso tri yagsha gu pa. Repel za ’dre and phung ’dre! Repel the vampire that causes pustules on the skin, one of the eight classes of khri bsgyur yi bsgyur (?).

Rest of folio not clear…

1. byad kha: curse, sorcerer; phur kha: mi kha (IW); chag che: poss. heavy taxes?; nyams nga: dread 4. kha lang: small pustules in child’s mouth; meal; mouth and hands; face and arms; 5. hur thum: dza: zer ba ste drag las skabs kyi dgug sngags gras shig [IW]


1. //sngags ’di shog dril byas nas khog par bcug/ gto nag mgosum (mgo gsum) ’di’i
2. bsog la ’dzim pa gshin po la/ mgar ba’i ’ogis (’og gis) sa dang/ phung shul gyi sa dang bsres la/ slang nga’i
3. nang du ri rab bang rim gnyis rtsigs kyis steng du/ milus (mi lus) mgo gsum pa bya/ g.yas stag mgo sngon po//
4. g.yon phag mgo nag po// dbus glang mgo ser po// spre’u yi ’jug ma/ lag g.yas dmar gtor
5. dang/ ’tshe dang nyung kar ’dzugs/ g.yon khram shing/ lus po la ro sol dang dug khragis (khrag gis) byug/ gur khang

Roll up a piece of paper with this mantra inscribed on it and place it inside [the effigy]. For the effigy for this Three-headed [Man] from the Black Rituals, with soft clay mix earth from beneath the [house of a] blacksmith and the earth from ruined building. Build a two-level Sumeru inside an iron skillet, and on top of that make the body of a human with three heads. To the right there should be the blue head of a tiger; to the left the black head of a pig; and in the centre, there should be the yellow head of a bull. [It should have] the tail of a monkey. In the right hand insert a red torma, with ephedra and white mustardseed, and in the right a tally-stick. Smear the body with the ash of a [cremated] corpse and poison blood.


1. nag ’ja’ ris naṃkha’ (nam mkha’) mgo snyan mdog dang ’dra/ naṃ gyang nag po ci ’byor bya/ spar kha brgyad/ sked pa rme ba dgu la ’brang rgyas dgu/
2. lo skor bcuis (bcu gnyis) la rgyang bu bcuis (bcu gnyis)/ nam rgyang skab dang sbyar/ skye (?) spyi la rin chen rgyang bu brgyad/ shar du stag yos ljang/ lho rta sbrul dmar/
3. nub tu bya sprel dkar/ byang byi phag nag/ ’tshams bzhi khyi ’brug glang lung bzhi ser/ lo skor bcuis (bcu gnyis) la rine (rin chen) rgyang bu bcuis (bcu gnyis)/ ro stod
4. spar kha brgyad la ngar mi brgyad/ sked pa rme ba dgu la ’brang rgyang dgu/ ’phrag gong g.yas g.yon pho sri mo sri ’jug/ bshos bu
5. bcuis (bcu gnyis) dang/ theb kyu bcuis (bcu gnyis) kyi bskor/ ’chang bu/ sha dum/ ’ug sgro/ ’tshe dang/ nyungr (nyung dkar) mi kha’i rdzas sno^gs (sna tshogs)/ shar

There should be a black canopy with rainbow patterns, and thread crosses of the same colour as the respective models of the heads. Make whatever black thread crosses and splints as there [ought to] be. There should be the eight trigrams, and at the waist there should be the nine magic squares and nine heart-shaped tormas-vessels; the twelve months of the annual cycle and twelve splints (or: twelve splints for the twelve months of the annual cycle); the sky-splints should accord with the time (?). For living beings in general there should be eight precious rgyang bu: to the east, for the tiger and the hare, green; to the south, for the horse and the snake, red; to the west, for the bird and the monkey, white; to the north, for the rat and the pig, black; in the four intermediate directions, there should be the dog, the dragon, the bull and the sheep—yellow. For the annual cycle of twelve months there should be twelve precious splints. On the upper part of its body there should be the eight trigrams and eight ngar mi. At the waist, there should be the nine magic squares and nine heart-shaped torma-vessels (’brang rgyang = ’brang rgyas). There should be cups of blood to the right and left; [dough prints of] vampires that prey on men and of those that prey on women. [The central effigy] should be surrounded by twelve food-tormas and twelve tetrahedrons, as well as squeezed cylinders, pieces of meat, the feather of an owl and the feather of a crow, ephedra, white mustardseed and the various ritual items for [repelling] gossip.


1. zla gam/ lho so kha/ nub zlum po byang gru bzhi/ gdan gzhi nag po bya/ de rnams bsags la ’di skad do/
2. //kyai dang po ci yang med pa la/ ’phags pa ’phrul rgyal thyes (thugs rje) yis/ ’gro drug rnams la phan ’dog phyir/ sa
3. bdag lha las sprul pa yis/ ma hā gser gyis rus sbal byung/ mahā gser gyis rus sbal de/ ’byung ba
4. cheno (chen po) lnga ru srid/ srid pa yi ni byol bzlog bya/ ngan dgu thaṃd (thams cad) bzlog pa dang/ ’dre gdon thaṃd (thams cad) bzlog pa’i phyir/
5. khen pa rged po thugs ’khros na/ ma ni khon ma rgan mo la/ yid kyi sbyor ba byas pa la/ zla dgu ngos bcu
6. song ba dang/ pha ma gnyis ka mi ’dra ba’i/ milus (mi lus) nag po mgosuṃ (mgo gsum) pa/ ma gcig khon ma rgan mo des/

To the east there should be a half-disc; to the south a triangle; to the west a disc and to the north a square. Make a black base for its seat, and once all these have been assembled, recite as follows: In the beginning there was nothing, and through the compassion of the exalted Magical King, in order to benfit the six categories of beings, there appeared the Great Gold turtle, an emanation of the gods who are lords of the earth. That Great Gold turtle became the five great elements. In order to repel the [the ills of] the phenomenal world, to repel all ills, and to repel all ’dre and gdon demons, an old man influenced by the trigram Khen, “the angry one”, coupled mentally with the mother, an elderly woman influenced by the trigram Khon. After nine months and ten days [there was born a creature] unlike either its father or its mother, with the body of a human and three heads. Its mother, the elderly Khen Woman,


1. ’jug ma khyags ma ’khyug/ than bya’i sder mo ’jigs pa bsgrad/ khyod che na sdang ba’i dgra la
2. che/ che ni gnod pa’i bgegs la che/ byur (? shur?) mgo slang nga’i nang du ’jug/ gnas ni rgya graṃ laṃ mdo’ ru/
3. zasu (zas su) glud dang mi kha’i zos/ de skad brjod nas laṃ mdor skyal/ mi nag mgo bo gsum po ’di/ ’phrad tshad
4. thaṃd (thams cad) thal bar brlag/ yul gyis mi rnaṃs zad par zos/ de kyang mi tshad ’jigten (’jig rten) phung/ srid pa gsum po
5. stong la chad/ gcanzan (gcan zan) stagis (stag gis) mgo bo can/ gza’ chen khyab ’jugs lhuṃ su bzhugs pa’i mgo/ gang dang
6. ’phrad pa hur thum gsod/ gsod dang gcod la rab tu dga’/ sha za khrag ’thung zhi sdang che/ mgo gcig glang

its talons, the claws of an ominous bird, are bared! If you would prevail, prevail over our hateful enemies, prevail over the harmful demons that obstruct us. Put our misfortunes into the skillet, and at the place where the ways meet at a crossroads, eat these ransoms and this gossip as your food!” With these words she took it to a crossroads. Whatever the Three-headed Black One met on the way it reduced to dust; it devoured people till their lands were emptied, so that the world with as many people as it has in it, was brought low, and the three worlds were emptied. (excursus on the three heads and their “entering the womb” of respective planets follows)


1. mgo ’dod chags che/ gza’ chen mig dmar lhum su bzhugs pa’i mgo/ ’phrad tshad kun gyi srog la rgol/
2. mdze dang shu ba klu nad gtong// thaṃd ’jigs pa’i nga ro can/ mgo gcigti (gcig gti) mug phagis (phag gis) mgo/ gza’ chen
3. lag pa’i lhum su bzhugs pa’i mgo/ gti mug che la sha rtsa glen/ de ’dra’i mi nag mgosum (mgo gsum) la/ ’phags
4. pa’i thugs rjes ’dul bar dgongs// mkhyen rab ’phags pa ’phrul rgyal gyis/ kho rang ’dra ba gcig tu sprul/
5. mi nag mgosum (mgo gsum) ’jigs pa’i mgo/ rkan sgra brdab pas ’jigten (’jig rten) g.yo/ mig nas me ’bar kha rlangs
6. ’bebs/ tsheṃs gtsigs spyan bsgrad ’di skad do/ khyod ni mi men bdud kyi nga ro can/ nges ni thaṃd (thams cad) ’dul bar byed/

(from line 3)  This Three-headed Black Man did he, with his exalted compassion, decide to subjugate. The supremely wise Magical King manifested a form that resembled it. The fearful heads of this Three-headed Black One made a smacking sound and the world shuddered; fire blazed from its eyes and steam fell from its mouths. With its fangs bared and its eyes wide open it said, “You are not a human but a howling demon, and I subdue everything.


1. khyod kyang nga yis ’dul ba yin/ de skad brjod nas zhal du gsol nas zhabs du stobs/ kho
2. skrags lus po ’dar nas kyang/ dpa’ bo cheno (chen po) bdag la gson/ khyed kyi gsung la nga nyan no/ mkhyen rab
3. kong rtse’i bka’ rtsal pa/ mi nag mgo bo gsum pa khyod/ snyigs ma lnga brgya’i dus tshod la/ khyod kyi srid
4. pa’i byol bzlog gyis/ skeg po che rnams khyed kyis bzlog/ nad pa yod na gso’ bar bgyis/ sri’u tshang
5. nas bskyed par bgyis/ gnod pa skyel ba thaṃd (thams cad) bzlog/ slang nga nag po’i gdan la sdod/ mi kha sna tshogs zasu (zas su)
6. zo/ naṃ rgyang ’chang bu rja^ngso (ljang sngo?) ’debs/ gtorṃa (gtor ma) theb kyu khyod la sbyin/ sngon gyi daṃ tshig de ltar phog/ de ring

I shall subdue you!” With these words he made as if to eat it, and took it in his mouth (zhabs du = zhal du?). Trebling with fear, it said, “Mighty one, hear me – I shall obey your words!” The supremely wise Kongtse said, “You, Three-headed Black One, in this sullied era of the last five hundred years, repel [the evils] of the phenomenal world. Reverse the great obstructions; if there are illnesses, heal them; let the young be born from their nests (?); drive away all that brings harm. Sit in the skillet as your seat, and eat various kinds of gossip as your food.

(eat tormas and other things…)


1. dgos pa’i dus byung ngo// sngon+yis (sngon gyis) dam tshig dran par bgyis/ ’phrul rgyal kong tse’i bka’ ma bcog/ yon+g (yon bdag)
2. drin lan chud ma gson// gto ’di gnasu (gnas su) thim par mdzod// kyai mi nag mgo bo gsuṃ po khyod/ srid pa
3. gsum gyi mthu bo che/ srid pa’i bhyo bzlog dus la bab/ su dang ’phrad pa de la bsgyur/ ming ’dra lo ’dra de
4. lo bsgyur/ byol song tha ma khyi la bsgyur/ sa rdo sems med de la bsgyur/ de ring lo skeg zla skeg bsgyur/
5. zhag dang za ma’i skeg rnaṃs bsgyur/ bdag dang rgyu sbyor yon+g (yon bdag) la/ ’chi bar nges pa’i mi yod kyang/ lo
6. bcu’i bar du shol thob cig/ bsgyur ba’i rgyalo (rgyal po) da bsgyur cig/ skeg chen thaṃd (thams cad) da bsgyur cig/ g.yas phyogs

Now is the time when you are needed. Remember your promise of old, and do not violate the command of Kongtse. Repaying the kindness of our patron is a never-ending affair. Cause this gto to be diffused into this place. Hey, you Three-headed Black one, powerful one of the three worlds, the time has come to repel the [ills of] the phenomenal world. Whomsoever you meet, transform them into that (?); whether it be the name or the year, transform it into that (? lo for la; Karma Tsering’s text has ming dgra lo dgra); transform it into the lowest of creatures, the dog; transform it into inanimate earth and rock! Dispel today the year-obstructions and the month-obstructions! Dispel the obstructions of the days and the hours! Although our munificent patron and I are men who are bound to die, put off that day for ten years! King of Changes, make the transformation! Transform all the great obstructions.

2. chu ma gzon/gson: no exhausted, exhaustless 4. tha ma: the lowest beings 5. zhag dang za ma: days and hours.


1. stagis (stag gis) mgo bo yis/ rgyalo (rgyal po) ’gong po’i gnod pa bsgyur/ g.yon phyogs phagis (phag gis) mgo bo yis/
2. byur dang god kha thaṃd (thams cad) bsgyur/ dbus kyis glang gis mgo bo yis/ skeg chen nyaṃ nga thaṃd (thams cad) bsgyur/ khyung gi gshog
3. pa brdab pa yis/ mkha’ la lding ba’i gdon rnams bsgyur/ srin lag gtor zor dgra la rgyob// khram shing dgregs (dgra bgegs)
4. khram la thob// sbrulyi (sbrul gyi) sked rag bcings pa des/ klu rigs gdug pa thaṃd (thams cad) bsgyur/ spre’u mjugs ma ’khyug pa yis/
5. rjes ngan nad gdon thaṃd (thams cad) bsgyur/ than bya’i sder mo bsgrad pa yis/ than dang ltas ngan dgra la bsgyur/ de ring bsgyur
6. ba’i rgyalo (rgyal po) mdzod// than dang ltas ngan thaṃd (thams cad) bsgyur/ mi nad sna tshogs khyod kyis bsgyur/ yi dwags bkres skom khyod

May the tiger’s head to the right transform the harm caused by rgyal po and ’gong po; may the pig’s head to the left transform all byur and demons of livestock-loss; may bull’s head in the middle transform all the great obstructions and all despair; may your wingbeats transform the gdon demons that soar in mid-air. Cast the torma-missile at our enemies with your ring-finger; with your tally-stick lay these hostile obstructions on the whipping-board. With the serpent belt that’s tied around you, transform all harmful kinds of serpent-spirits; with your winding monkey’s tail transform all calamities, illness and gdon demons; with those bared talons of the baleful bird, transform all evil omens and inauspicious signs into the enemy (or probably: transform all hostile evil omens and inauspicious signs). Act today as the King of Changes! Transform all ill omens and inauspicious signs, and the different kinds of human afflictions; transform the hunger and thirst of the pretas;


1. kyis bsgyur/ mi nad phyugs nad khyed kyis| rkyen dang sdugngl (sdug bsngal) khyed kyis bsgyur// kyai lo yi rgyalo (rgyal po) byi ba’i lo/
2. sna tshogs chu las grub pa’i lus/ milus (mi lus) byi ba’i mgo bo can/ lag na chu yi rkyal pa thog/ byi lo’i skeg
3. chen bsgyur duol (du gsol)// mi kha bram mchu bsgyur duol (du gsol)// dgra sna dmag sna bsgyur| byad kha phur kha bsgyur|// mi lus
4. glang gis mgo bo can/ rien (rin chen) gser las grub pa’i gzugs/ phyag na gser gyi ’khoro (’khor lo) bsnaṃs/ byangr (byang shar) mtshaṃs
5. nas gnas pa yis/ glang lo’i skeg chen bsgyur duol (du gsol)// mi kha khram| dgra sna dmag sna| byad kha phur kha|
6. mi lus stagis (stag gis) mgoo (mgo bo) can/ shing lo ljang gu’i mdangs las grub/ phyag na rinen (rin chen) ljon shing bsnams/ stag lo’i

Transform illnesses of humans and cattle; transform [negative] circumstances and suffering.

The twelve animals of the years

1. Hey, Rat Year, king of the years, with a body made from different kinds of water, with a human body and a rat’s head, holding in your hand a water-vessel, pray reverse the great obstruction of the rat year. Avert gossip, the spittle (bram chu = gram chu?) of other people’s mouths; avert all kinds of enemies and armies; avert curses and slander!

2. You with a human body and the head of an ox, a form made of jewels and gold (or precious gold?), holding a golden wheel in your hand, dwelling in the northeast, pray avert the great obstruction of the ox year. Avert gossip, the spittle (bram chu = gram chu?) of other people’s mouths; avert all kinds of enemies and armies; avert curses and slander!

3. You with a human body and the head of a tiger, made from the radiance of green leaves, holding in your hand a precious tree,


1. skeg chen bsgyur duol// mi kha bram mchu| dgra sna dmag sna| byad kha phur kha|
2. milus (mi lus) yos bu’i mgoo (mgo bo) can/ skuog (sku mdog) miyur (mi bsgyur) shing la brten/ phyag na ljon shing metog (me tog) bsnams/ shing lo ljang
3. gu’i mdangs las grub/ yos lo’i skeg chen| mi kha bram mchu| dgra sna dmag sna| byad kha phur
4. kha| mi lus ’brugis (’brug gi) mgo bo can/ gser gyi mdangs las grub pa’i sku/ sa rim pa dgu yi mnga’ bdag
5. yin/ phyag na gser gyi sdong po bsnams/ shar lho ’tshams kyi gnam sgo bsrung/ ’brug lo’i skeg chen
6. bsgyur| mi kha bram mchu| dgra sna dmag sna| byad kha phur kha| milus (mi lus) sbrulyi (sbrul gyi) mgoo (mgo bo) can/ me yi

avert the great obstruction of the ox year; avert gossip, the spittle (bram chu = gram chu?) of other people’s mouths; avert various enemies and armies; avert curses and slander!

4. You with a human body and the head of a hare, your body the colour of unchanging wood (?), holding in your hand a flower from a tree, made from the radiance of the green leaves of trees, reverse the great obstruction of the hare year; avert gossip, the spittle (bram chu = gram chu?) of other people’s mouths; avert various enemies and armies; avert curses and slander!

5. You with a human body and the head of a dragon, your body made of the radiance of gold, you are the lord of the nine levels; holding in your hand a golden tree, guard the sky-door of the southeast! Avert the great obstruction of the dragon year; avert gossip, the spittle (bram chu = gram chu?) of other people’s mouths; avert various enemies and armies; avert curses and slander!


1. mdangs las grub pa’i sku/ phyag na bsregs byed me dpung bsnams/ sbrul lo’i skeg chen| mi kha bram|
2. dgra sna dmag sna| byad kha phur kha| milus (mi lus) rta’i mgo bo can/ me yi mdangs las grub pa’i sku/
3. phyag na me’i sgron me bsnams/ rta lo’i skeg chen| mi kha bram mchu| dgra sna dmag sna| byad kha
4. phur kha| milus (mi lus) lugis (lug gis) mgo bo can/ sku la gser gyi slag pa gsol// phyag na gser gyi bum pa
5. bsnams/ lho nub khon gyi sa sgo bsrungs/ lug lo’i sgeg chen bsgyur| mi kha bram mchu| dgra sna
6. dmag sna| byad kha phur kha| milus (mi lus) spre’u mgoo (mgo bo) can/ sku lus gangs ri’i ngos ltar dkar/ phyag na

your body made of the radiance of fire, holding a burning furnace in your hand, avert the great obstruction of the snake year; avert gossip, the spittle (bram chu = gram chu) of other people’s mouths; avert various enemies and armies; avert curses and slander!

7. You with a human body and the head of a horse, your body made of the radiance of fire, holding in your hand a lamp of fire, avert the great obstruction of the horse year; avert gossip, the spittle of other people’s mouths; avert various enemies and armies; avert curses and slander!

8. You with a human body and the head of a sheep, wearing a cloak of gold, holding in your hand a golden vase, protect the earth-door of the trigram Khon in the southwest; avert the great obstruction of the horse year; avert gossip, the spittle (bram chu = gram chu?) of other people’s mouths; avert various enemies and armies; avert curses and slander! 9. You with a human body and the head of a monkey, your body as white as the face of a snow-mountain, holding in your hand


1. gcod byed ralri (ral gri) bsnams/ lcags las grub pa’i bdag po ste/ sprel lo’i skeg chen| mi
2. kha bram mchu| dgra sna dmag sna| byad kha phur kha| milus (mi lus) bya’i mgoo (mgo bo) can/ lcags las grub pa’i sa
3. bdag ste/ mdog dkar phyag na mtshon cha bsnams/ sra brten lcags kyi mnga’ bdag ste/ bya lo’i skeg
4. chen bsgyur| mi kha bram mchu| dgra sna dmag sna| byad kha phur kha| milus (mi lus) khyi yi mgoo (mgo bo) can/ sa
5. bdagser (bdag gser) gyi rgyu las grub/ gser dang ’dra ba’i nam bza’ gsol// byang nub khen gyi gnam sgo bsrung/ khyi
6. lo’i lo skeg bsgyur/ mi kha bram mchu| dgra sna dmag sna| byad kha phur kha| milus phagis (phag gis) mgoo (mgo bo) can/

a trenchant sword—you, lord who are made of iron, avert the great obstruction of the monkey year; avert gossip, the spittle (bram chu = gram chu?) of other people’s mouths; avert various enemies and armies; avert curses and slander!

10. You with a human body and the head of a bird, earth-lord who are made of iron, white in colour and brandishing a weapon, mighty lord of hard iron, avert the great obstruction of the bird year; avert gossip, the spittle (bram chu = gram chu?) of other people’s mouths; avert various enemies and armies; avert curses and slander!

11. You with a human body and the head of a dog, earth-lord who are made from the material gold, wearing robes that appear to be golden, guard the sky-door of the trigram Khen in the north-west! Avert the great obstruction of the dog year; avert gossip, the spittle (bram chu = gram chu?) of other people’s mouths; avert various enemies and armies; avert curses and slander!

12. You with a human body and the head of a pig,


1. dag byed chu’i nam bza’ gsol// phyag na chu’i bum pa bsnams/ sa bdag cheno (chen po) chu la ’grub/ phag lo’i lo
2. skeg| mi kha bram mchu| dgra sna dmag sna| byad kha phur kha|/ kyai mi nag mgoo (mgo bo) gsum pa dang/ snangid (snang srid)
3. lhrined (lha srin sde brgyad) la/ rinen (rin chen) rgyang bu ’bru sna dang/ gtorma (gtor ma) sha dang theb kyu ’bul/ srid pa’i bhyo bzlog mdzad dulo (du gsol)/ chags chen
4. nyams nga bsgyur duol (du gsol)/ mo ngan rmi ngan bsgyur duol (du gsol)/ cig pa rang skeg gto yi bsgyur/ gnyis pa nad ngan
5. gto’i bsgyur/ gsum pa byur god gto’| bzhi pa bzhi gshed| lnga pa bye brag| drug pa byad ngan gto|
6. bdun pa bdun zur| brgyad pa brgyad ngan gto’i| dgu pa sder ’dzin| bcu pa dur mig gto| bcuigshin (bcu gcig gshin)

wearing robes made of cleansing water, holding a vase in your hand, great earth-lord who are made of water, avert the great obstruction of the pig year; avert gossip, the spittle (bram chu = gram chu?) of other people’s mouths; avert various enemies and armies; avert curses and slander!

Hey! To the Three-headed Black Man and the Eight Classes of Gods and Demons we offer precious splints, all kinds of grain, tormas, meat and buttons of dough. I beseech you to perform a repulsion in the phenomenal world. Repel great lust and dread; repel evil prognostications and bad dreams! First, may this ritual repel the obstructions of one’s own birth year; secondly, may it repel serious illness; third, may it repel misfortune and loss; fourth, may it repel the “fourth-year harmer”; fifth, may it repel the “particular ones”; sixth, may it repel dreadful curses; seventh, may it repel “seventh-year edge”; eighth, may it repel the “Evil eight”; ninth, may it repel the “Raptor”; tenth, may it repel the “Cemetery Cell”; eleventh,

In accordance with the appeal (on line 4) for the ritual to “repel evil prognostications”, this section lists a number of inauspicious astrological and divinatory circumstances that are to be neutralised. Expressions in inverted commas are tentative glosses of terms for which some commentary is required. The “personal obstruction” denotes the year of one’s birth in the duodecenary cycle of animals; the recurrence of this year every twelve years entails risks against which appropriate ritual precautions should be taken. “Fourth-year harmer” signifies a year that is inauspicious because it falls four years before or after one’s own birth year. For someone born in a Monkey year, for example, the Dragon and Rat years are dangerous because they fall four years before and four years after the Monkey year in the sequence. Such years are known respectively as the “upper fourth harmer” (yar bzhi gshed) and the “lower fourth harmer” (mar bzhi gshed). The “Seventh-year edge”denotes the inauspicious year that is seven years away from one’s own birth year in either direction of counting. Thus the Hare is the “Seventh-year edge” of Bird, and vice versa. Individuals who are in their Seventh-year Edge are customarily excluded from certain activities such as helping to carry corpses to the cemetery, because of the adverse effects their inauspicious nature may have on the subsequent lot of the deceased.


1. lagto yi bsgyur/ bcuis (bcu gnyis) lag sbrel| bcu gsum rnam rgyal| rgyuor (rgyud sbyor) yon gyi bdag po la
2. gnod par byed pa thaṃd (thams cad) bsgyur// kye snang zhing srid pa’i ’jigten (’jig rten) na/ rigs drug semn (sems can) grangs re mang/ gdug pa
3. can yang mtshan re che/ mthu^l (mthu rtsal?) can ni nga las med/ bdag ni ’phrul rgyal sprul pa yin/ mthu dang
4. man ngag thugs la tshangs/ phyagya (phyag rgya) gsang ba sku la rdzo^gs (?)// rdzu^l (rdzu ’phrul) sno^gs (sna tshogs) stobs dang ldan/ stongsum (stong gsum) lhrin (lha srin) dbang du bsdud/
5. gdug pa can rnams cham la ’beb/ dregs pa can rnams zil kyis gnon// dbang po che rnams dbang du bsdud/
6. snang zhing srid pa’i lhre (lha ’dre) kun/ thaṃd (thams cad) ’phrul rgyal nga yi ’khor// ’byung ba bskyed pa’i lhre (lha ’dre) kun/ kun kyang ’byung ba

may it repel the “Clutch of Death”; twelfth, may it repel “Violent Tussles”; and thirteenth, may it repel “Victory”]; repel all that might harm our beneficent patron!

Hey, here in the phenomenal world of appearances, there are many living beings in the six realms, but there is none that is more dangerous, more celebrated, or more powerful than I. I am the manifestaton of the Magical King; my heart is completely equipped with magical power and precepts, and my body is possessed of all the secret gestures; I have the strength of many kinds of magic, and I wield power over the gods and demons of the thrice-thousand worlds. I bring low all noxious beings, crush the haughty and overpower the mighty. I, the Wise King, have all the gods and demons of the phenomenal world as my followers. All the gods and demons who generate the elements

Note: lag sbrel, rnam rgyal may also be specialised nag rtsis terms


1. dbang che bas/ go cha ’gyur med ting^in (ting nge ’dzin) yod/ lag na mtshon cha’i ’khoro (’khor lo) bskor/ gang la rgyab kyang thog[s?]
2. pa med/ rneams (rnam shes?) rig pa’i rtsal dang ldan/ pha rol bdud dpung ’joṃs par byed/ gdug pa can rnams ’joms
3. par byed/ nyonmongs (nyon mongs) can la phan yang ’dog/ gti mu can la shesb (shes rab) skyed/ rnam rtog can la rnamtogs (rnam rtogs)
4. sel/ shresb (shes rab) can gyi rta la zhon/ rnems (rnam shes?) gsal ba’i me long bsnaṃ/ yees (ye shes) lnga yi ’khoro (’khor lo) bskor/ pha
5. rol phyin drug ngang gis rdzogs/ mngon par shes pa thugs la shar/ srid gsum ma lus sems la mkhyen/
6. gnoed (gnod byed?) ’dre khyod nyon re mongs/ las ngan byas pas lus ngan thob/ mkha’ la rgyu zhing snying re rje/ gdug

Though they may wield power over the elements, I have the armour of unwavering contemplation, and spin the weapon of the wheel in my hand. Nothing at which I hurl it can withstand it. With my consciousness endowed with the energy of awareness I overcome the hostile forces beyond, and defeat whatever causes harm. But I bring succour to those who suffer and wisdom to the benighted, and I dispel the doubts of doubters. I ride the steed of wisdom and hold a mirror that brings clarity to the consciousness. Clairvoyance shines in my mind, and I know the thoughts of all, without exception, in the thrice-thousand worlds. You noxious demons – wretched ones! It is because of your wicked deeds that you have found such vile forms. Moving through the sky, how pitiful you are!


1. pa dug can skyug re bro// thamsd nga yis ’joms par byed/ nga yi ka la khyod rnams nyon/
2. nga’i bza’ gtung lnga po sbyin/ nga’i zambo’i (zab mo’i) don yang rtog/ nga’i bka’ la nyon na legs/ ’di dang phyi ma
3. gnyis kar bde/ khyed sems nyid gtan la ma phebs pas/ da lta sdugngal (sdug bsngal) nyamsu (nyams su) shar// kyai sdang zhing srid pa’i
4. lhre (lha ’dre) kun/ nga yi ’khor du ma rtog med/ thaṃd (thams cad) nga yi mi thub med/ lha’i sde tshogs nga’i bran/ lhriend (lha srin sde brgyad) nga’i bran/
5. gza’ dang sgyu skar nga’i bran/ ’byung ba lnga bo nga’i bran/ bdud^n (?) rgyalo (rgyal po) nga’i bran/ lha bzang gnyeno (gnyen po) nga’i grogs/ thaṃd (thams cad)
6. nga’i bka’ la nyon/ nga las che ba’i gto mkhan ni/ ’jigten (’jig rten) ’di na su yang med/ man+ngg (man ngag) rig pa’i yang

Revolting are you in your loathsomeness: I conquer all – obey my command! I shall give you the five kinds of food and drink. I understand the deep meaning, and you would do well to obey me. You will enjoy happiness now and in the future. It is because you did not settle the nature of your mind that you are suffering torment. Hey, of all the hateful gods and demons of the phenomenal world, there is not one who is not in my entourage, and there is none that I cannot overpower. The divine hosts are my slaves, and the eight classes of gods and demons serve me, as do the planets and the lunar mansions, the five elements and the king of the demons (?). The good divinities who are close to me are my companions, but all obey me. There is no greater magus in this world than I. I also have servants of precepts and understanding (? man ngag rig pa’i yang khol yod). TY yang khol – khol du bcug pa, distil out the essence, make a selection of essential things from a larger number, a particular choice of attributes. cf khol du phyung ba. So yang khol is a special selection


1. khol yod// de ring ’byung ba’i dgra shed bsgyur/ de ring bos pa’i gto bcos byed/ log ’dren gdug pa’i tsho
2. rnams bsgyur/ rgyuor (rgyud sbyor) yon+yig (yon gyi bdag) po la/ gnoed (gnod byed) gdon bgegs thaṃd (thams cad) kun/ nga’i bka’ la nyon na legs/ nyon zhig
3. bgegs dang log ’dren tshogs// gto yi mi bsgyur gang yang med/ bderegs (bder gshegs) bka’i bzlog cing bsgyur/ skeg chen
4. thaṃd (thams cad) bzlog par byed/ bzlog cig bsgyur cig ’byung ba’i gto// de ring bzlog bsgyur dus la bab// sngon tshe rgyal
5. ba’i bka’ byung na/ skeg po che rnams bzlog par byed/ bdud chen bdud las thar bar byed/ tshe zad tshe dang
6. ldang par byed/ nad pa yod na gso bar byed/ bu tsha tshangs nas skyes par bye/ mthu rtsal che zhing dbang po

I shall repel the hostile elemental executioners. Today I shall perform the gto-ritual for which I have been summoned. I shall reverse the noxious hosts that lead us astray. All you harmful and obstructive demons who would hurt our beneficent patron would do well to obey my words! Hear me, obstructive demons and you hosts who would lead us astray! There is nothing that cannot be repulsed by this ritual. It repels and reverses through the word of the sugātas, and repulses all great obstructions. Elemental gto ritual – perform your repulsion, perform your reversal, for today the time has come to repel and to reverse! If the commands of the victor, delivered in the past, is to come about, repel the great obstructions; enable us to escape from the great demons; endow with life those whose life is exhausted; heal those who are ill; cause sons to be born in the home! You,


1. che/ mi nag gdug pa’i drag shul can/ yulha (yul lha) gzhi bdag nyeno (nyen po) rnams/ nga yi bka’ la
2. legs par nyon// gto yas ’di rnams len du shog/ zhe sdang gdug pa’i sems dang ma byon cig/ gti mug mun
3. pa’i sems dang ma byon cig/ dga’ bde zhi ba’i sems dang bcas te byon/ byams pa’i snying rje’i sems dang bcas te byon/
4. gto glud len pa’i don la spro ste byon/ de nas rme ba’i gto bsgyur ni/ kyai mi nag mgoo (mgo bo) gsum pa yi/ sked pa’i
5. sme ba dgu po la/ bshos bu gtorma (gtor ma) theb kyu dang/ rgyang bu ’dodon (’dod yon) yas rdzas ’bul/ sme ba’i gshed du sme ba
6. che/ ljang khu la ni dkar ba’i skeg/ dkar ljang ’thab pa’i skeg bsgyur cig/ dkar gsum la ni dmar gyi skeg/

terrifying and harmful black man with your enormous force and power, and you awesome territorial gods and lords of the place – listen carefully to my words! Come and receive these ritual offerings! But come not in a spirit of anger and harm, nor with an attitude of dull stupidity; come rather in loving compassion, rejoicing in the prospect of receiving these ritual ransoms!

Then perform the gto ritual of the magic squares/numbers.

Hey! Black-headed man, I offer you these desirable items: the nine magic numbers that are at your waist; the dough food-offerings, the tormas and the pinched buttons, as well as the splints. Here are the great magic numbers against the gshed of the magic numbers: green is the obstruction for white – repel the obstruction resulting from the conflict of white and green! Three whites are the obstruction for red – repel


1. dkar dmar ’thab pa’i skeg bsgyur cig/ dmar po la ni sngono’i (sngon po’i skeg)/ sngo dmar ’thab pa’i skeg bsgyur
2. cig/ sngo nag la ni ser po’i skeg/ sngo ser ’thab pa’i skeg| ser po la ni ljang khu’i skeg| ljang ser
3. ’thab pa’i skeg| sme ba dgu’i lo skeg zla skeg dang/ zhag skeg za skeg thaṃd (thams cad) de bsgyur cig/ de nas spar
4. kha’i gto bsgyur ni/ kyai rgyuor (rgyud sbyor) yon gyi bdag po la/ spar kha mi mthun dgra gshed bsgyur/ gcod bral bar du
5. gcod pa bsgyur/ rgyu bzhi dus bzhi phung pa bsgyur/ bar bzhi dus thag chad pa bsgyur/ ’dre lnga tshang nas lang ba
6. bsgyur/ nag po lcags thag btags pa| bdudng (bdud dang) sa bdag ’khrug pa| rta bya (?) pho rog ’dres pa| dur sgo [go to 2688b]

the obstruction resulting from the conflict of white and red! Red is the obstruction for blue – repel the obstruction resulting from the conflict of blue and red! Dark blue is the obstruction for yellow – repel the obstruction resulting from the conflict of blue and yellow! Yellow is the obstruction for green; repel the obstruction resulting from the conflict of green and yellow! Repel all obstructions of years, months, days and meal-times of the nine magic numbers! Next, perform the ritual for the trigrams. Repel the enemy relations of incompatible trigrams for our beneficent patron!


1. dgra sna dmag sna langs pa da| gin khon gnyisyi (gnyis kyi) mdun bab| da zin gri phur ’debs pa|
2. khen zon sa gri bdar ba| li kham ching sdum sgril ba| gshin lam nag po byol zor bsgyur/ ro ’dzin lag
3. pa brdeb pa| mya ngan ’dun zhag nag po| rtag tu ltas ngan yong ba| nor la god kha zug pa| pho sri mo
4. sri chung sri| btsan po’i kha g.yogs phogs pa| byad kha phur kha zugs pa| lha ’dre’i za kha zugs pa| lhas (= ltas?) ngan cho
5. ’phrul yong ba| mi theg ro khur byed pa| mi zhim sdug zas za ba| blo bur shi chad yong ba| yul la
6. phog ’chug yong ba| phu yi sha ba ru ’dzing bsgyur/ mda’ yi nya mo rnga ’dzing| bar gyi nag mo’i sder ’dzing|

Repel whatever various enemies and hostile forces might arise. Repel the mdun bab of Gin and Khon. Prevent us from being stabbed by the knives and stakes of the [conflict of?] Da and Zin. Repel the whetted earth-knife (?) of Khen and Zon. Repel the binding coils of Li and Kham. Divert (byol zor = byol zur) the road to death. ...ggg Prevent us from being touched by someone who has handed corpses. Repel the blaęk ‘dun zhag. Be constant in warding off bad omens that might come! Prevent our livestock from being struck by epidemics! Repel the vampires that prey on men, women and babies. Ward off the ruler’s false accusation. Prevent us from being struck by curses and food-borne afflictions. Ward off the devouring intent (? za kha) of the demigods. Repel evil signs and magical manifestations. Prevent us from [encountering] people carrying corpses. Keep us from having to eat tasteless wretched fare; ward off sudden death; prevent disturbances from coming to our communities. Keep us from the sight of stags locking antlers at the head of the valley, of fish fighting in the valley floor, and crows fighting with their claws in the middle.


1. ’og rta nam phyed ’tsher ba| tho rangs sgo khyi ngu ba da| srod la bya pho ’tshe ba ’di/ bdag po ’jigs pa’i ltas ngan
2. yin/ de yang srid pa gto ’dis bzlog/ phugsu (phugs su) byi ba mkhun pa dang/ sri mong kha nas byi khyer yang/
3. than ngan yong ba’i ltas ngan yin/ de yang srid pa gto yi| bumed (bu med) smyo spyod byed pa dang/ zla zhig khrag ral
4. byed pa de/ rab chad yong ba’i ltas ngan yin/ de yang srid| ri bya sno^gs (sna tshogs) klung du ’babs/ khu byug skras mgo
5. bab pa ’di/ dgra sna yong ba’i ltas ngan yin/ de yang srid pa| ’ug pa nyin mo rgod pa dang/ srin bya nyi 6. mo kus ’debs des/ dal yam yong ba’i ltas ngan yin/ de yang sri| khyi la sgo nga skyes pa dang/ ba la [go to 2689b]


1. [from 2687a] gshin sgo bye bar| sa gzhi g.yo ’gul byed pa| tsha grang nad kyi zin pa| phung gsum
2. gyod kyis bsleb pa bsgyur/ gin khon gnyen sbyor nyes pa| gza’ dang skar ma’i then ’beb| sa bdag
3. klu gnyan gzer ka| mithun (mi thun) pa yi rkyen dgu| gcig skyes gcig na ’chi ba| sgo yi nor gyi gang stong
4. bsgyur/ rgya yi than ’gyed byed pa| mdze nad chu bur yong ba| ’ong long zha grum yong ba/ skran dang dmu chus
5. zin pa| byur gyi thag pas btags pa| gyod kyi dra bar chug| bye bral ’khor zhig| ci byas gyod du thal ba|
6. na zhing ’khun pa da sgyurig (sgyur zhig)/ dus min ’chi ba da bsgyur| khyim du chom rkun shor ba| yul mi dgra ru langs


1. pa| nye ba mkhon ’tshog byed pa| sngags zor bon zor ’phen pa| skye bo’i ya kha sgrog pa| gnam gyi
2. ka ba ’gyel ba| sa yi brten phur bud pa| srid kyi mtsho mo skam la| dpal gyi ri bo ’gyel ba| skal
3. pa’i mun nag ’thib pa/ gnam gyi dal kha babs pa| ma bu’i byur sri langs pa| bdud kyi ’tshub ma nag po|
4. btsan gyi sho rdel ’grim pa/ ma mo’i dal yam babs pa| rgyalo’i (rgyal po’i) ’od mda’phen (mda’ ’phen) pa| gnodin (gnod sbyin) mtshon kha zugs
5. pa/ nyon+ngs (nyon mongs) bdud kha langs pa| spar kha shi mig tshud pa da bsgyur| dur sgo gshin sgo bye ba da| gson
6. lagshin (lag gshin) lag sbrel ba dang| gdug pa’i smre ngag ’don pa| na zhing tsha ba’i shi chad| god ka dgra kun yong ba/


1. [from 2688a] grod pa skyes pa de/ god kha yong ba’i ltas| de yang srid| gong du spyang ku ngu ba dang/ ’og tu
2. wa mo brgyal ba de/ phung sri g.yos pa’i| de yang srid| bya nag sdero (sder mo) ’dzing ba dang/ khyim du sbrul nag sleb
3. pa de/ drag srin g.yos pa’i ltas| de yang srid| phu’i lha ri rtse mtho la/ sha pho ru ’dzing mthong ba de/ gri
4. btsan g.yos pa’i| de yang| mda’i ma phang g.yu mtsho/ nya mo rnga ’dzing mthong ba de/ klu nad yong pa’i|
5. de yang srid| bar gyi stag ri khra bo la/ nag mo’i sder ’dzing mthong ba de/ bdud mo g.yos pa’i ltas| de yang srid|
6. gto ’dis ’bod pa gto ’dis bsgyur/ btsan khram bsgyur byed gto ’dis bsgyur/ ltas ngan thaṃd (thams cad) bzlog cing bsgyur/


1. ’ug pa srod la rgod pa bzlog// srin bya lha la gnong pa| dus min pho rog sha ’dzing| phu ru sho pho ru ’dzing|
2. mda’ ru nya mo rnga ’dzing/ bar gyi bya ro rlung khyer| srod pa bya pho ’tshe ba| tho rang sgo khyi ngu ba| zhing la ’bu
3. khung byung ba| lug la ro bkal byung| ra la dkar chags byung ba| rnam gung spyang mo ngu ba| nor la sogs dkar byung|
4. rta la drug phrom byung ba| khyi la gtsed pa byung ba| dbyar gsum bya tshang rul ba| dgun gsum byi’u tshang rul| dpyid
5. gsum glang ro sbrum pa| ston gsum wa ro bam pa| ngang phrug tshang nas gyes mthong| dgun gsum sbrul chen ’khyil|
6. ltas ngan than dang cho ’phrul rnams/ de yang srid pa gto’dis (gto ’dis) (bzlog)// kyai gnam rim pa bcu gsum yang steng na/

The owl that calls at dusk; the screech-owl that is ashamed in front of the gods; untimely clashes between crows and between deer; deer at the head of the valley locking antlers; fish fighting down below fighting with their tails; dead birds in the middle being carried away by the wind; the cock crowing at dusk; wormholes appearing in the fields; a corpse being carried on a sheep (GJ – yes)...; lug la ro bkal byung ba| ra la dkar chags byung ba (all goats are completely without white?)| the she-wolf howling at midnight; sogs dkar (white shoulderblade?) appearing on livestock (?); drug phrom appearing on horses (sore from rubbing tail?); gtsed pa appearing on dogs (type of disease?) ; a decaying bird’s-nest in the three summer months; a decaying mouse-nest in the three winter months; the pregnant corpse of a bull in the three spring months; the bloated corpse of a dead fox in the three autumn months; the sight of ducklings leaving the nest; a large coiled serpent in the three winter months – these evil portents and manifestations, too, are repelled by this ritual of the phenomenal world. Hey! At the very top of the thirteen stages of heaven


1. khen pa rged po bya ba de/ shel gyi mi rgan mgo skya ba/ snyer ma brgyad cu rtsa gcig
2. bgrad/ dbyar dgun gnyis ni thang mar bdal/ ston dpyid gnyis ni gosu (gos su) gon/ gnam rim pa dgu’i steng
3. na bzhugs/ glud chen dam pa ’di bzhes la/ yas kyi gnam sgo da chod cig/ khon ma rgan mo bya ba de/ shel
4. gyis bumed (bu med) gos ser ma/ snyer ma brgyad cu lus la bgrad/ lag na zor dang yag pa thog/ sa rims dgu’i
5. ’og na ’dug/ glud chen dam pa ’dies (’di bzhes) la/ mas kyi sa sgo ral ba da khog cig/ rgan sgon de gnyis bshos
6. pa las/ bu tsha ming sring bzhi ru byung/ bu tsha che ba gen ri bya ba de/ ban dhe ser po ’jol ber can/ phyag

Old Man known as the Man of Khen, old crystal man with a grey head, scored with eighty-one wrinkles, spreading down over the plains in summer and winter, wearing the autumn and the spring as your clothing (??), dwelling in the heaven of the nine levels – receive this excellent great ransom, and close the door of the sky above. Old Woman, known as Woman of Khon, yellow-robed woman of crystal, with eighty wrinkles etched on your body, holding in your hands a sickle and a hoe, dwelling at the bottom of the earth of nine levels; receive this excellent great ransom, and seal the broken door of the earth below! From the coupling of that old man and old woman were born four brothers and sisters. The eldest son, named Gen Mountain, is a monk with a yellow robe


1. na gser gyi cha lang bsnams/ klu glang dmar po gzhong pa zhon/ khyed kyang dal yams bdago (bdag po) ste/ dal kha
2. chod la rim kha bsgyur/ de’i cung po dwa lcags bya ba de/ dgra bcom gzhon nu’i tshul can la/ phyag na shel
3. gyi cha lang thog/ dre’u rta ka [dkar] chibsu (chibs su) bcibs/ dal yam skeg gi sna yang ’dren/ dal kha chod la rim
4. kha bsgyur/ bu mo zon rlung bya ba de/ ri bong rna ring lpags pa gyon/ lag na lcags zor dbyag pa thog/ khyod kyang
5. dal yam bdag mo yin/ dal kha chod la rim kha bsgyur/ ming sring che ba de gnyis bshos/ ming sring gnyisu (gnyis su)
6. byung ba la/ mi lus nag po ral pa can/ skye ’dangs rma ’dangs gosu (gos su) gyon/ lag na bdud kyi tha ram thog/

holding in his hands a pair of yellow cymbals, and riding on a red serpent-spirit bull. You are the lord of disease and epidemics: prevent contagious diseases, and repulse epidemics! His younger brother is named Dwa-Iron, and has the appearance of a youthful Arhat; he holds in his hands a set of crystal cymbals, and rides a white (or: rides atop a) mule; he is the leader of the obstructions caused by disease and epidemics; prevent contagious diseases, and repulse epidemics! Their daughter, named Zon-Wind, wears the skin of a long-eared hare. She holds in her hand an iron sickle and a mattock; you too are the lady of disease and epdemics; prevent contagious diseases, and repulse epidemics! These two older siblings coupled, and had two children: one with a black human body and tangled tresses, wearing human lustre (?? skye ’dangs) and the radiance of peacocks GJ – no, kyedang = water, rma ‘dangs = fire as his clothing, and holding demonic wild grass (?tha ram = ZZ for a lock? check).


1. khyod kyang dal yam bdag po ste/ dal kha chod la yam kha bsgyur/ de ’og tsha mo zin shing de/
2. bumed (bu med) rlung gi gshog pa can/ chibsu (chibs su) rlung gi rta la bcibs/ dgra la gag lhogtong (lhog gtong) bar byed/ dal kha chod la
3. yam kha| spar kha brgyad kyi lha^ogs (lha tshogs) la/ rang gzugs ’dod^s (’dod rdzas) rgyang bu ’bul/ skeg rigs thaṃd (thams cad) bsgyur duol (du gsol)// de nas lo’i sa
4. bdag gto bsgyur ni/ kyai shar phyogs shing gi mkhar nang nas/ mi dkar stagis (stag gis) mgo ba can/ bumed (bu med) sngon mo ri bong
5. zhon/ lo yang stag dang yos bu’i lo/ gshed yang stag dang yos bu’i gshed/ stag dang yos bu’i skeg
6. bzlog cig/ lhoo^gs (lho phyogs) me’i mkhar nang nas/ mi dmar rta’i mgoo (mgo bo) can/ bumed (bu med) dmaro (dmar po) sbrul la zhon/ lo yang

You are the lord of disease and epidemics: prevent contagious diseases, and repulse epidemics! After him came [his sister], the grand-daughter Zin-Wood, a girl with wings of wind, riding a wind-horse as her mount. Visit throat-swellings upon our enemies; prevent contagious diseases, and repulse epidemics! Next perform the ritual for the earth-lords of the years.

Hey! From inside the palace of wood in the east, white man with the head of a tiger, blue woman riding a hare – years of the tiger and of the hare: repel the antagonists of the tiger and the hare [years], repel the obstructions of the tiger and hare! From inside the palace of fire in the south, red man with the head of a horse, red woman riding a serpent, the years


1. rta dang sbrulyi (sbrul gyi) lo// gshed yang rta dang sbrulyi (sbrul gyi) gshed/ rta dang sbrulyi (sbrul gyi) skeg bzlog cig// nub phyogs lcagsyi (lcags kyi) mkhar
2. nang nas/ mi dkar spre’u’i mgoo (mgo bo) can/ bumed (bu med) nag mo bya yi lo// lo yang sprel dang bya yi lo// gshed
3. yang sprel dang bya yi gshed/ bya sprel gnyisyi (gnyis kyi) skeg bzlog cig// byang phyogs chu’i mkhar nas/ mi nag
4. bya ba’i mgoo (mgo bo) can/ bumed (bu med) nag mo phag la zhon// lo yang phag dang byi ba’i lo// gshed yang phag dang byi ba’i
5. gshed/ phag dang byi ba’i skeg bzlog cig// mtshams gshed bzhi na gnas pa yis/ bumed (bu med) ser mo glang mgo
6. can/ mi ser ’brugis (’brug gis) mgoo (mgo bo) can/ bumed (bu med) ser mo lug mgo can/ mi ser khyi yi mgo bo can/ lo yang

of the horse and of the tiger: repel the antagonists of the horse and serpent years; repel the obstructions of the horse and serpent years! From inside the iron castle to the west, white man with the head of a monkey, black woman, year of the bird – these are the years of the monkey and the bird. Repel the antagonists of the monkey and the bird; repel the obstructions of the bird and monkey [years]! From inside the palace of water to the north, black man with the head of a bird (sic; recte rat), black woman mounted on a pig, years of the pig and of the rat, repel the antagonists of the pig and the rat; repel the obstructions of the pig and rat years! Dwelling in the four interstices (gshed < shed?), yellow woman with the head of a bull, yellow man with the head of a dragon, yellow woman with the head of a sheep, yellow man with the head of a dog: these are the years of the


1. khyi ’brug glang lug lo// gshed yang glang lug khyi ’brugshed (’brug gshed)/ glang lug khyi ’brug
2. bzhi yi skeg bzlog cig// de nas zla ba’i sa bdagis (bdag gis) gto bsgyur ni/ kyai stag yos gnyis las byung ba yi/ dpyid
3. zla rab ’bring sa bdag ste/ milus (mi lus) stagis (stag gis) mgoo (mgo bo) can/ bumed (bu med) nag mo ri bong mgo/ dpyid zla rab ’bring skeg
4. bsgyurig (bsgyur zhig)/ rta dang sbrul la byung ba ni/ dbyar zla rab ’bring sa bdag ste/ mi lus rta’i mgoo (mgo bo) can/ bumed (bu med)
5. sbrulyi (sbrul gyi) mgoo can/ dbyar zla rab ’bring skeg bsgyur cig/ bya dang sprel la byung ba ni/ ston zla rab ’bring sa
6. bdag ste/ milus (mi lus) spre’u mgoo can/ bumed (bu med) bya yi mgoo (mgo bo) can/ ston zla rab ’bring skeg bsgyur cig/ byi phag

dog, the dragon, the bull and the sheep: repel the antagonists of the bull, sheep, dog and dragon; repel the obstructions of the bull, sheep, dog and dragon years!

Next perform the rituals for the earth-lords of the months:

Hey! Earth-lords of the first and second of the Spring months, arisen from the tiger and the hare: you with a human body and the head of a tiger, and you, black woman with the head of a hare – repel the obstacles of the first and second spring months! Earth-lords of the first and second summer months, from (?) the horse and the serpent, you with a human body and the head of a horse, and you, woman with the head of a snake – repel the obstacles of the first and second summer months! Earth-lords of the first and second autumn months, bird and monkey: you with a human body and the head of a monkey, and you, woman with the head of a bird, repel the obstructions of the first and second autumn months!


1. gnyis la byung ba ni/ dgun zla rab ’bring sa bdag ste/ milus (mi lus) byi phag mgoo (mgo bo) can/ dgu zla rab ’bring skeg
2. bsgyur cig// glang lug khyi ’brug sa bdag ste/ tha chung bzhi’i skeg bsgyurig (bsgyur chig)// de nas phyogs bzhi dang dbus lnga’i sa
3. bdagis gto bsgyur ni/ kyai shar phyogs sa bdag the se ni/ za ’og sngo khra’i ris mo can/ phyag na ru mtshon sngon
4. po phyar/ lcags kyi byi ba sngon po zhon/ mithun (mi thun) rkyen rnams zlog tuol (tu gsol)/ byol kha sdang ba’i dgra la bsgyur/
5. nub phyogs hal khyi nag po ni/ ’jol ber dkaro (dkar po) sku la gsol/ bya khyung rgyalo’i (rgyal po’i) gdan la bzhugs/ skeg rnams
6. bzlog pa’i phrins (phrin las) mdzod/ byang phyogs sa bdag ber sna ni/ gzigis (gzig gis) rgyalm^n (rgyal mtshan) phyag na bsnams/ gzigi (gzig gi) rgyal

Earth-lords of the first and second winter months, the rat and the pig, you with human bodies and the heads of a rat and of a pig, repel the obstructions of the first and second winter months! You, earth-lords of the bull, sheep, dog and dragon [months], repel the obstructions of the last months of each of the four seasons!

Then perform the ritual of the earth-lords of the four cardinal directions and the centre.

Hey! The se, earth-lord of the east, wearing striped blue silk brocade, brandishing a blue standard, riding a blue iron rat – repel discordant circumstances! Divert our errors (?byol kha) to our hateful enemies! Black Hal-dog in the west, wearing a white cloak, seated on a royal khyung throne, perform the deeds that will repel obstructions; Ber sna, earth-lord of the North, holding a victory banner,


1. po’i gdan la bzhugs/ skeg rnams bzlog pa’i/ lhoo^gs (lho phyogs) sa bdag tsang kun ni/ chu dar
2. sngono (sngon po) sku la gsol// phyag na chu srin rgyalm^n bsnams/ g.yu ’brug sngono (sngon po) chibsu (chibs su) bcibs/ skeg rnams zlog|
3. dbus phyogs sa bdag hong phan ni/ spre’u lus la bya rgod mgo/ phyag na dngulyi (dngul gyi) cha lang bsnams/ ’brug thong sngono (sngon po)
4. chibsu (chibs su) bcibs/ skeg rnams bzlog pa’i/ de nas gto mkhan gyi rnams bzhir phrins (phrin las) bcolste (bcol ste)/ kyai shar phyogs gto’ mkhan
5. stag mgo can/ char sprin nag po gosu (gos su) gon/ phyag na ralri (ral gri) dkar po bsnams/ nad pa gso ba’i gto’
6. mkhan mdzod/ lhoogs (lho phyogs) gto mkhan ’brug mgo can/ ’jol ber smug po sku la gsol/ phyag na

Seated on a royal leopard seat, perform the deeds that will repel obstructions; Earth-lord Tsang kun in the south, wearing blue silk, holding in your hands a water-sprite victory banner, perform the deeds that will repel obstructions; Earth lord Hong phan in the middle, with a monkey’s body and the head of a vulture, holding silver cymbals and astride a young blue dragon, perform the deeds that will repel obstructions!

Then apportion to the four Ritualists (gto mkhan) their respective tasks.

Hey, Tiger headed ritualist of the East, wearing a black raincloud for your clothing, holding a white sword, as as the ritualist who heals the sick. Dragon-headed ritualist of the south, wearing a brown cloak and holding....


1. ’phrul cha gsang ba bsnams/ sri’u gso ba’i gto mkhan mdzod// nub phyogs gto mkhan chu srin mgo// sku
2. la ma tang (Zhang zhung) slag pa gsol// phyag na ’phrul gyi zhags pa bsnams/ god kha bcoyd (bco brgyad) pa’i gto mkhan mdzod//
3. byang phyogs gto mkhan rta mgo can/ sku la chu dar sngono (sngon po) gsol// phyag na bdui^d (bdud rtsi) bum pa bsnams/ mdze ’phro
4. gcod pa’i gto mkhan mdzod// gto yas gnasu (gnas su) thims par mdzod// gto nag ’di nyid gnod byed ’byung po thaṃd (thams cad) phar
5. sgyur zhing bzlog pa la sngags/ mithun (mi thun) pa’i phyogsu (phyogs su) rnams thaṃd (thams cad) la rgyal lo// dge’o/ @ @ //kong tse ’phrul rgyal sku
6. la phyag^l lo (phyag ’tshal lo)// mi nag mgo gsum gyi shangng (shang shang ?) bya ba la/ bya’i lus la mi’i gdong pa can/ bya’i rkang pa lag pa mi lag/ bya khyung gshog

secret devices, act as the ritualist who takes care of infants. Ritualist with the head of a water-sprite, dwelling in the West, wearing a Matang cloak and holding a magical noose, act as the ritualist of the 18 kinds of loss. Horse-headed ritualist of the north, clad in blue silk and holding a vase of nectar, act as the ritualist who prevents the spread of leprosy: dissolve into the place of the ritual offerings (gto yas). This Black gTo ritual is recommended (sngags < bsngags?) for repelling and warding off all noxious demons; it is victorious over all disharmonious elements. Homage to the person of the Wise King Kongtse. Concerning the Shangshang bird of the Three-headed Black Man: it has the body of bird and the head of a human. It has bird’s feet and human hands, and the wings of a khyung.


1. pa can/ lag.yas (lag g.yas) zangs dung/ g.yon mda’ gzhu can skumog (sku mdog) ser po bya/ nam rgyang byung tshe ser po ’dodon (’dod yon) gang
2. ’dzoṃ/ mdun du bshos bu rtse gsuṃ bzhag/ @ phung sri rnga mong la rgyab tu/ru ’gong yas sno^gs (sna tshogs) bskal pa mgul du rgyan cha sno^gs (sna tshogs) btags/
3. rol du phung glang ru (?) dmar btang/ glangen (glang chen) stobs ldan la rgyab tu ’gong yas sno^gs (sna tshogs) bskal pa bya/ rol du mdzo mo khal khur btang
4. ba’o/ de nas tshig bshad ni/ //kyai shang shang sero (ser po) rdzru^l (rdzu ’phrul) can/ shangng (shang shang) sero (ser po) mthu stobs can/ zhal gcig pa la
5. phyagnyis (phyag gnyis) pa/ gyasyi (g.yas kyi) phyag na zangs dung bsnams/ g.yon gyi phyag na mda’ gzhu bsnams/ bya rgyal khyung
6. gi gshog pa can/ bya yi lus la mi’i gdong/ ’dab chags bya’i rkang pa can/ srid pa lha’i bya rigs yin/

It holds in its right hand a copper horn and in its right a bow and arrows – make it accordingly. Thread crosses and splints, as well as yellow byung tshe (?) and all pleasing items should be brought together. In front of it there place a three-pointed food-torma (bshos bu).

Concerning the Loss-vampire Camel, load onto its back various kinds of ’gong yas ritual offerings, and hang a variety of adornments around its neck. For the actual performance (? rol du) a red-horned Bull of Loss may be used (?btang). Regarding the mighty elephant: make one with various kinds of ‘gong yas offerings loaded on its back. For the actual performance (?) a female dzo carrying a load may be used. Then recite as follows: Hey, magical yellow Shangshang bird, with one head and two hands; you carry in your hands a copper horn and in your left a bow and arrow. You have the wings of the royal garuda, a bird’s body and a human face, and bird’s feet. You belong to birds of the Srid pa gods.


1. ya mtshan rmad ’byung bya’i lus/ bya’i lus la mi’i gdong/ sum cu rtsa gsum lha’i bya/ ston pa gshen
2. rab sprul pa’i sras/ ’byung ba lnga la grub pa yis/ ’dzam bu gling bzhi ’khor ba’i bya/ ri rab steng gi bya
3. dpon yin/ mi yang ’dra ste bya yang ’dra/ rdzru^l (rdzu ’phrul) sprul pa bsam mi khyab/ khyod ni ’byung ba lnga yi bya/
4. khyod ni sa yi brtan ma’i rigs/ gcigis (gcig gis) du mar sprul pa’i bya/ khyod mchod na skyobs pa’i lha yang yin/
5. khyodkar (khyod bkar?) na nad kyi ’dre yang byed/ khyod brgya yi mi mchod mi yi mchod/ bshos bu rtse gsum shangng (shang shang) ser po
6. mchod/ gsang ’dus bstan pa bsrung duol (du gsol)/ mi nag mgosum (mgo gsum) mdos kyi sna khrid cig/ semn (sems can) rnams kyi mgon

So wondrous, with your bird body, a bird’s body with a human face. You are a bird of the thirty-three gods, the manifested offspring of sTon pa gshen rab; a bird passing through the cyclic existence of the four continents. At the top of Mt Sumeru, you are the chief of birds. Resembling both a man and a bird, a magical manifestation that our minds cannot grasp. You are a bird of the five elements; you belong to the category of the brTan ma of the Earth, a single bird with multiple manifestations. Just as you are a guardian god if offerings are made to you, so if we neglect you (khyod bkar?) you are a pestilential demon. People offer you a hundred offerings from the human world (?). Yellow Shangshang, consume this three-pointed food torma; pray protect the doctrine of the gathered secrets; lead the mdos of the Three-headed Black Man; act as the protector of human beings;


1. skyabs mdzod// rno ba brngan gyi sgra bla gyis/ skeg po che rnams khyod kyi zlog/ shangng sero (shang shang ser po) dogs (? ’dod chags?)
2. che| ’dodgs (’dod chags) bya yi gshog pa can/ gtimug (gti mug) phagis (phag gis) ze ba can/ mi nag mgo gsum blono (blon po) mdzod// mdos
3. rnams kun gyi lam sna khrid/ zangs dung dmor (dmar po) sgra dbyangs sgrogs// thabs dang shes rab mda’ gzhu ’geng/ thang re ri
4. rab rtse la ’phur/ thang re ’dzam bu gling la gnas/ khyod kyi mi nag mgosum (mgo gsum) sna khrid cig// kyai de ring srid pa
5. lcags kyi mdos/ skeg bzlog cheno (chen po) slang nge’i mdos/ dmag zlog cheno (chen po) slang nga’i/ byad bzlog cheno (chen po) slang nga’i|
6. rim zlog cheno (chen po) slang| than zlog cheno (chen po)| mi kha zlog pa| mdos ’di mi nag mgosum (mgo gsum) mdos/ mdos ’dis

Act as the Sound-soul of sharp rewards (?? rno ba brngan); repel the major obstructions; Yellow Shangshang, with your great desire, with your wings of the cock that signifies desire, and your bristles of the pig that signifies ignorance....


1. ’byung ba’i gdug^b (gdug rtsub?) bzlog// mdos ’dis lo skeg bsgyur cig bzlog// mdos ’dis zla sked bsgyur cig| mdos
2. ’dis zhag skeg| mdos ’dis za skeg| dus^od (dus tshod) ngan pa| ’tsher rtsub ngan pa| mo ngan sog sdig| ltasngn (ltas ngan)
3. chorul (cho ’phrul) rims nad yam nad| shi kha chod la gson ’gab spel/ ban byad bon byad bsgyur cig bzlog//
4. mdos dang gtoṃr (gtor ma) ’di bzhes la/ sngags dang phyagya (phyag rgya) ting^in (ting ’dzin) dang/ rgyu rkyen rdzas kyi nus mthu’i/ sdang dgra dam nyams
5. steng du bsgyur/ za ’dre dam sri’i steng du bsgyur/ mi nag mgosum (mgo gsum) dgra la bhyo:- :- gza’ dang skar ngan| shangng (shang shang?) sero (ser po?) dgra
6. la bhyo :-:- lo skor bcu’is (bcu gnyis) dgra| gza’ chen brgyad po| ’byung lnga’i ’dre lnga| gser skyems mchod pa ’di bzhes|


1. la| bdagng (bdag dang ?) yon+g (yon bdag) ’khors (’khor bcas) kyis/ bard (bar chad) thaṃd (thams cad) bzlog duol (du gsol)// bzung ba thong la bcing ba khrol/
2. bsdam pa lhod la mnan pa khyog// ’khor ’dir gnod pa ma byed cig// ces brjod do/ de nas phung sri rnga mong la/ kyai
3. ltas ngan phung sri rna mong ’dir/ srid pa ’byung ba lnga la srid/ yongs ni rngam gyi yul nas yongs/ chags ni lha
4. yi yul na chags/ gzugs ni semn (sems can) kun gyis gzugs/ ’dra ni ltas ngan than gzugs ’dra/ than la ’di bas
5. che ba med/ stong gsum phung pa’i phung ’dre yin/ rgyal khams brlag pa’i brlag ’dre yin/ ltas ngan stong pa’i
6. stob po che/ ming yang phung sri rnga mong zer/ mthu stobs rtsal ni khroo (khro bo) rnaṃs dang mnyams/ ’ur sgra ngar skad naṃkha’i (nam mkha’i)


1. ’brug dang mnyams/ kha nas mi gtsang sno^gs (sna tshogs) ’thor/ mgul du rgyan cha sna tshogs btags/ rgyab tu ’gong yas
2. sno^gs (sna tshogs) bkal/ ltas ngan sno^gs (sna tshogs) bsgyur duol (du gsol)/ rol du phung glang ru dmar btang/ sdang dgra ’dul ba’i gnyeon (?gnyen po?)
3. btang/ dgro’i (dgra bo’i) yul du dmag la chos/ bdagng (bdag dang) rgyuro (rgyud sbyor) yon+g (yon bdag) gis/ ltas ngan brgya cu rtsa gcig ’di/
4. phung sri rnga mong ’di la bkal/ dgra’o’i (dgra bo’i) yul du khyer la song/ dgra la nad yaṃ sna tshogs thong/ dgro’i (dgra bo’i) yul
5. du da chos shig// dri la rnam pa dgra la bhyo:-:- brgya tri rbad tri dgra la chos// nad b+cho (?) shi b+cho () dgra la chos//
6. dgro’i (dgra bo’i) yul du ltas ngan phob// dgra la chos shig da chos shig// ces brjod de nas glengn (glang chen) stobs ldan la/ kyai glang


1. chen stobs ldan cheno (chenpo) ’dis/ srid ni ’byung ba lnga la srid/ grub ni sha khrag rus la
2. grub/ khur ni nago (nag po) bdud kyis khur/ yod ni spu rgyal bod la yod/ gzugs ni seṃn (sems can) zilyi (zil gyi) gnon/ rgyab
3. tu ’gong yas sno^gs bkal/ rol du mdzo mo khal khur btang/ stobs ldan glengn (glan chen) khyab pa khyod/ dgro’dul (dgra bo ’dul)
4. ba’i gnyeno (gnyen po gnyan po?) yin/ dgra sna


1. dgrao’i (dgra bo’i) yul du khyer la song// gri ngo glang ngo dgra la chos// shi ngo ’bral ngo dgra la chos// than dang srang (?) ltas
2. ngan pa ’di la bkal/ gdug^b (?) chorul (cho ’phrul) ngan pa rnams/ dgro’i (dgra bo’i) yul du khyer la song// dgro’i (dgra bo’i) steng du song zhing
3. da song zhig// ces de rnams rims bzhin brjod pa’o/ dmod tshig brjod de/ ho lha rnams thaṃd (thams cad) bdag la dgongsuol (dgongs su gsol)/ bka’i lha
4. ma srin sdyed (sde brgyad) ’khorngs (’khor dang bcas) pa rnams/ mdos glud rgya chen ’dies (’di bzhes) la/ bdag dang yon+g (yon bdag) ’khorngs (’khor dang bcas) pa rnaṃs la/
5. lha’i bka’ chad thog ltar ’bebs pa dang/ rgyalo’i (rgyal po’i) bka’ chad ’od ltar ’phro ba dang/ phur bu’i zor kha rbab
6. ltar ’dril ba dang/ nyung zor mda’ ltar ’phen pa dang/ ma mo’i thun zor ’phen pa dang/ gshine’ikhoro (gshin rje’i ’khor lo)


1. bskor zhing byol zor ’phen pa dang/ dge snyen gyis mkhar zor ’phen pa dang/ muge (mu ge)
2. spar bu’i sbyor ba phen/ zhang zhung dzo dmar ’phen/ ban bon gyi sngag zor ’phen pa dang/ mar pa’i phra
3. men bskor ba bzlog// bal po skyog zor ’phen/ sum pa’i glang zor ’phen pa| mi ma yin gyis dmod
4. pa ngan pa| lha ma yin gyi g.yul ngo| btsan gyis zhags pa ’phen pa| bdud kyi phyag snyen gtong ba|
5. gzhan yang lo gser pa’i sna ngan pa dang/ lo rnying pa’i skeg ngan pa/ rgya’i rtsis ngan pa/ bod kyi rtags ngan pa
6. me nyagi (nyag gi) sogs mo ngan pa| zhang zhung gi ju thig ngan pa| gza’ than ngan pa| skar than ngan pa| sha than


1. ngan pa/ bya than ngan pa/ wa than ngan pa/ ’ug than ngan pa/ than dang ltas ngan brgyad cu rtsa gcig
2. phyir la bsgyur duol (du gsol)// gzhanng (gzhan yang) nyi bdud dang/ lo bdudng (bdud dang) skar bdudng (bdud dang)/ nyonongs (nyon mongs) pa’i bdudng (bdud dang)/ ’chi bdagis (bdag gis)
3. bdudng (bdud dang)/ lha bdud dkaro (dkar po) dang/ klu bdud nago (nag po) dang/ btsan bdud la sogs bdud rigs thaṃd (thams cad) phyir la bsgyur ba’i
4. phrins (phrin las) mdzad duol (du gsol)// gzhanng (gzhan yang) bdud sna dang/ btsan sna dang/ than sna dang/ dmod sna dang/ byad sna dang/
5. dgra sna dang/ rkun sna dang/ ris sna dang/ yaṃ sna dang/ nad sna dang/ jag sna dang/ dmag sna la sogs ngan pa/
6. thaṃd (thams cad) phyi la bzlog cig bsgyur duol (du gsol)/ ces brjod la thal mo brdab pa’o/ de nas byad thags bcad pa ni/ rno mtshon thog la ’di


1. skad do/ kyai mi nag mgosum (mgo gsum) ’khors (’khor bcas) kyis/ gdon rigs sum brgya drug cu’i ’brel thag bcad/
2. dkaro (dkar po) lha’ byad thag brkyang/ nago (nag po) bdud kyi byad thag brkyan/ sero (ser po) sa bdag byad thag| sngono (sngon po) klu’i byad thag|
3. dmaro (dmar po) btsan kyi byad| khra bo gza’i byad thag| dkar ser dmar ljang sngo nag byad thag brkyang/ nad rigs suṃ
4. brgya drug cu’i byad thag bcad/ bgegs rigs stong phrag brgyad cu’i byad thag bcad/ byis sbai gdon chen bconga’i (bco lnga’i)
5. rgyal ba lha yi bka’ bden yin/ dkaro (dkar po) lha’i byad thag bcad/ nago (nag po) bdud kyi byad| sero (ser po) sa bdag| sngono (sngon po) klu’i
6. dmaro (dmar po) btsan gyi| lhriend (lha srin sde) brgyad| mi kha braṃ mchus| snangid (snang srid) lhre (lha ’dre) rnaṃsyi (rnams kyi)| gdon rig rnaṃsyi (rnams kyi)| skeg sri rnaṃsyi (rnams kyi)


1. skeg ’dre rnaṃs kyi| mi kha braṃ mchu| snangid (snang srid) lhre (lha ’dre) rnaṃsyi (rnams kyi) thog dang ser ba’i| mi nag mgosuṃ (mgo gsum) byad| mi dmar
2. mgosuṃ (mgo gsum)| mi dkar mgosuṃ (mgo gsum)| mi kha spun dgu’i| byad thag gcad pas nad rnams chod// ngar mi rgyalo (rgyal po) ’di
3. la bhyo:-:- lo skeg zla skeg ’di la bsgyur duol (du gsol)// mi nag mgo bo gsuṃ gyis bzlog bsgyur mdzod// bhyo bhyo
4. bzlog (?) bsgyur duol (du gsol)// ces brjod la bcad pa’o/ de nas gzhi (?) sprug bya ste ’di skad do// kyai ’di ni ’dodgs (’dod chags) rkyen gyis gzhi
5. ma ste/ rkyen gyi gzhi ma da sprug cig/ ’di ni zhe sdang gdon gyi gzhi ma ste/ gdon gyi gzhi ma da|
6. ‘di ni gtiug (gti mug) gyod kyi gzhi ma ste/ gyod kyi gzhi ma da| ’di ni phrag dog nad kyi gzhi ma ste/ nad kyi


1. gzhi ma da| ’di ni nga rgyal ’dre yi gzhi ma ste/ ’dre yi gzhi ma da| sprugo (sprug go) dgro’i (dgra bo’i) stan (??) du
2. sprug// sgren sri sgren ’dre’i gzhi ma sprug// god sri god ’dre’i| than sri than ’dre’i| dgra sri dgro’i (dgra bo’i) yul
3. du da sprug cig// ces gzhi ma sprug pa’o/ de nas mdos lam bstan ste/ kyai mi nag mgosuṃ (mgo gsum) laṃ bstano (bstan no)/ lo bdud bcuis (bcu gnyis)
4. lam bstan no/ lo gshed bcuis (bcu gnyis)| spar kha brgyad po laṃ| than ltas spyi bdud| pho bdud mo bdud| spyi bdud
5. srog bdud chung bdud| god sri god ’dre dur sri ’gong po’i| mi nag mgosuṃ (mgo gsum)| lo bskor bcuis (bcu gnyis)| ma rung sde
6. tshogs rnams la (?) laṃ| mi kha’i yas rdzad sna dgu zos la song/ mun pa nago (nag po) gosu (gos su) gon la song/ lag pa


1. dgra la nyab cing g.yab la song//_sdang ba’i dgro’i (dgra bo’i) phyogsu (phyogs su) bzlog cing bsgyur/ bcol pa’i ’phrins (’phrin las) grubr (grub par)
2. mdzod// ces brjod la rgya lam bzhi mdor ’am/ sgo gsum lung pa’i mdo’i/ chu gsum ’dus pa’i mdor ru skyol/ de nas phyi lam bcad de/
3. kyai lha kong tse’i ’phrul rgyal khyed bzhengs shig/ phyagṃ^n (phyag mtshan) ’khor lo ’bar ba yi/_mi nag mgosuṃ (mgo gsum) phyi lam bcad/
4. slar la ma ldog ma ’khor cig/ lo bdud lo gshed phyi laṃ bcad/ slar la ma| da ni pho sri mo sri chung
5. sri phyi laṃ| slar la| god sri god ’dre rnams| slar la| dur ’dre dur sri rnaṃs| slar la| than sri than ’dre
6. rnaṃs kyang| slar la| mi rta khyi gsuṃ phyi| slar la| lo bdud byi phag glang gsum phyi| slar la| lo bdud phag (?)


1. yos ’brugsum (’brug gsum) phyi| slar la| lo bdud sbrul rta lugsuṃ (lug gsum)| slar la| lo bdud bya sprel khyi
2. gsuṃ| slar la| spar kha lo bdud skeg ’dre| slar la| rme ba dgu’i skeg ’dre’i| slar la| lo gshed
3. bcuis (bcu gnyis) phyi| slar la| rmis laṃ ltas ngan rnaṃs kyang| slar la| mi kha braṃ mchu rnaṃs kyang| slar la| stong
4. bdud stong ’dre| slar la| stong bdud mi kha braṃ chu| slar la| lo skeg zla skeg rnaṃs| slar la| zhag skeg
5. za skeg rnaṃs| slar la| skeg bdud skeg ’dre phyi laṃ| slar la ma ldog ma ’khor cig// phyi laṃ bcad pa’i
6. sa ’tshaṃs bsrung/ ’phrul rgyal bka’ la ma ’da’ zhig// ces brjod la phyi lam gcod// ’phags pa kong rtse ’phrul rgyal gyis

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