XIth International Cesh Congress
Vienna 2006

Sport and the Construction of Identities

September 17th-20th 2006

The multifaceted possibilities of constructing identities through sport are to constitute the focus of interest during the XIth International Congress of the European Committee for Sport History. The main aim is to illuminate the various chronological developments and changes of this phenomenon within European sport history. Examination of contemporary realities outside the European cultural area will be included so as to highlight parallelisms or diversions between the European and non-European way of constructing an identity through sport.
This Congress should stimulate scholars from the various cultural, social, and sport-historical areas to participate in a lively, interdisciplinary exchange of ideas. We understand 'sport' in its most comprehensive sense as a cultural and sociological phenomenon in terms of physical exercise.
A key principle of our Viennese Congress is analysis of certain phenomena in a temporal perspective within their historical development, from antiquity to contemporary times, as well as in a spatial perspective in their regional or national context.

The following panels are scheduled:
sport - identity - popular culture
sport - identity - socialisation
sport - identity - corporeality
sport - identity - gender
sport - identity - ethnic self-definition
sport - identity - religion
sport - identity - nationality
sport - identity - theory

Preliminary program (pdf-file)

Ancient Greek Ball Players, 510/500 BC. Plaster Cast, after an original from Athens, National Archaeological Museum Inv. 3476
Institute of Classical Archaeology, University of Vienna, Archaeological Collection Inv. 1123 (photomontage E. Hütter)

European Committee for Sport History
Institute of Classical Archaeology, University of Vienna
Centre for Sport Sciences and University Sport, University of Vienna

Organizing Committee:
Bettina Kratzmueller
Matthias Marschik
Rudolf Muellner
Joannis Mylonopoulos
Hubert D. Szemethy
Elisabeth Trinkl

email: cesh@univie.ac.at

Institute of Classical Archaeology
Franz-Klein-Gasse 1
1190 Vienna, Austria

14/04/2006 - Closing date for the submission of abstracts for papers/posters by email (max. 200 words)
15/05/2006 - Announcement of the definite programme
09/06/2006 - Closing date for the submission of papers for the Junior Scholar Awards by email
16/09/2006 - Arrival date
21/09/2006 - Departure date
30/11/2006 - Closing date for the submission of papers to be published by email

Papers (20 minutes)
Posters (max. 1,00 x 1,00 m)

Languages: English, French, German

During the Congress the following events are scheduled:
Junior Scholar Awards
Seminar for Students
Horst Ueberhorst Honorary Address
Annual Assembly of CESH
Meeting of the College of Fellows
Social Events


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August 2006