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EASAA-Conference, Ravenna 2007

EASAA, Ravenna 2007, group photo

EASAA, Ravenna 2007, group photo

The following members of the Art History subproject participated in the 19th EASAA Conference (Ravenna, 2.-6. July 2007):

  • Eva Allinger, “The Reconstruction of the Order of 47 Illustrated Leaves Currently Distributed Between Five Collections of a Pāla-period Astasāhasrikā Prajñāpāramitā Manuscript”
  • Anna Filigenzi, “Hellenism and Buddhism in the Art of the North-West of the Indo-Pakistan Subcontinent”
    “The Pātra and the Dāna Evidence from the Archaeological Context of Tapa Sardar (Afghanistan)”
  • Deborah Klimburg-Salter, “The Story of Śākyamuni Buddha: An Indo-Tibetan Painting In the Tabo Assembly Hall”
  • Gudrun Melzer, “The Transmission and Transformation of a Wrathful Form of Śiva (Andhakāsuravadhamūrti) from Elephanta to Orissa”
  • Susanne Novotny, “The Buddhist Monastery of Fondukistān – New Observations and Reconstructions”
  • Verena Widorn, “On some Unusual Represantations of Buddha Śākyamuni in the Tempels of Chamba and Lahaul”
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