ECSAS 2021
26 – 29 July 2021 (postponed)

CIRDIS is currently in the process of modernizing its existing archives and applications (WHAVCHIS and BibDB) and is in the planing stages of integrating and developing them towards a comprehensive multi-media archive. The future Himalaya Archive Vienna (HAV) is aimed at making full use of the potentials of Digital Humanities as envisioned by recent initiatives on research infrastructures. The next stage will include images related to disciplines including art history, ethnography, epigraphy etc., as well as historical photographs, textual collections, interview recordings, ethnographic videos and audio material, maps, and other digital data in line with the new projects and focus areas.

The aim of integrating different collections into an over-arching archive structure will be achieved by developing a common standard code ensuring semantic interoperability and by increase the compatibility or the “communicability” of archives and collections as a base for successful collaboration of all project partners.