CMS 2010 - Invited Keynote Speakers & Accepted Streams and Sessions

Invited Keynote Speakers

  • Anna Nagurney (Isenberg School of Management, University of Massachusetts Amherst)
    Supply Chain Networks: Challenges and Opportunities from Analysis to Design
  • Claudia Sagastizabal (Cepel, BR)

  • How to avoid choosing between a rock and a hard place in Stochastic Programming
  • Marco Campi (Department of Electronics for Automation, University of Brescia, IT)

  • Uncertain Optimization and Risk-Return Tradeoff through the Scenario Approach
  • Efstratios Pistikopoulos (Centre for Process Systems Engineering, Imperial College, UK)

  • Multi-parametric programming & explicit Model Predictive Control

Accepted Special Streams and Sessions

The final program can be found here. Find below an overview of the streams and sessions:

  • Stream - Computational Aspects of Optimization
    organized by: Nick Sahinidis (Carnegie Mellon Univ., USA), Istvan Maros (Imperial College, UK)
    • Session CAI1 (organized by I. Maros & N. Sahinidis)
      Computational aspects of linear optimization
    • Session CAI2 (organized by I. Maros & N. Sahinidis)
      Computational aspects of the Simplex Algorithm
    • Session CAI3 (organized by I. Maros & N. Sahinidis)
      Derivation free optimization
    • Session CAC1
    • Session CAC2
  • Stream - Combinatorial Optimization
    organized by: Paolo Toth (University Bologna, IT)
    • Session COI1 (organized by P. Toth)
      Algorithms for combinatorial optimization problems I
    • Session COI2 (organized by P. Toth)
      Algorithms for combinatorial optimization problems II
  • Stream - Global Optimization
    organized by: Panos Pardalos (University of Florida, US)
    • Session GOI1 (organized by P. Pardalos)
    • Session GOC1
    • Session GOC2
  • Stream - Stochastic Optimization
    organized by: Daniel Kuhn (Imperial College, UK)
    • Session SOI1 (organized by D. Kuhn)
    • Session SOC1
  • Stream - Nonconvex Programming: Local and Global approaches
    organized by: Le Thi Hoai An (University of Metz, FR), Pham Dinh Tao (INSA, Rouen, FR)
    • Session NCI1 (organized by Le Thi Hoai & Pham Dinh Tao)
      Recent developments in Nonconvex Programming
    • Session NCI2 (organized by Le Thi Hoai & Pham Dinh Tao)
      Novel Opportunities of DC and DCA for Industry and Finance
  • Stream - Optimal Decisions in Energy
    organized by: Raimund Kovacevic (University Vienna, AT), David Wozabal (University Vienna, AT) and Claudia Sagastizabal (Cepel, BR)
    • Session ENI1 (organized by C. Sagastizabal)
      Optimization of real assets under uncertainty
    • Session ENI2 (organized by D. Wozabal & R. Kovacevic)
    • Session ENI3 (organized by D. Wozabal & R. Kovacevic)
    • Session ENI4 (organized by D. Wozabal & R. Kovacevic)
    • Session ENC1
  • Stream - Supply Chains, Transportation and Networks
    organized by: Anna Nagurney (University of Massachusetts, USA) and Csaba Fábián (Kecskemét College, HU)
    • Session SCI1 (organized by A. Nagurney)
    • Session SCI1 (organized by C. Fábián)
      Stochastic Programming models in Supply Chain Management
    • Session SCC1
    • Session SCC2
  • Stream - Decision Making in Finance
    • Session FIC1
    • Session FIC2
    • Session FIC3
    • Session FIC4
  • Stream - Frontiers in Process Systems Engineering
    organized by: Stratos Pistikopoulos (Imperial College, UK)
    • Session SEI1 (organized by S. Pistikopoulos)
    • Session SEI2 (organized by S. Pistikopoulos)
  • Stream - Dynamic Games and Applications
    organized by: Georges Zaccour (HEC Montréal, CAN)
    • Session GTI1 (organized by G. Zaccour)
    • Session GTI2 (organized by G. Zaccour)
    • Session GTI3 (organized by G. Zaccour)
    • Session GTC1
    • Session GTC2
  • Stream - Statistics and Econometrics
    • Session STC1
    • Session STC2
    • Session STC3