An Interdisciplinary Research Project on British and French Policies and Discourses, 1920-1960

University of Vienna, Department of African Studies/Project International Development

urambo station 1951The project scrutinises concepts of development during the late colonial era by analysing French and British discourses on colonial development. It concentrates on the period from the end of World War I to decolonisation as well as on Senegal and Tanganyika as two specific African territories and their respective colonial metropolises.

Adopting primarily but not exclusively a discourse analytical approach we focus on four distinct spheres which are deemed essential for reconstructing the colonisers' mindset:

By comparing Britain and France we try to establish whether the development discourses in the two major colonial powers of the 20th century had similar characteristics and followed similar trajectories within similar time horizons, thus pointing towards common structural features and circumstances that transcended specific national contexts.

*All photos: Courtesy of Paul Jackson

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