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Berbegal A., Boumard P. & Sabirón F. (2009) Inside the companionship for minors: Troubles and weaknesses of an ethnographic approach to deviance and education. In: Richards L (ed.) Methods in Practice. Sage, London. Fulltext at
This article is based on an ethnographic research carried out from 2004 to 2008 in Spain. It is about the understanding of the companionship for minors with correctional and educational intervention in Juvenile Court.
The first ethnographic affiliation aspired to become “medium” in search of an humanistic epistemology which admits its physical, psychological, sociological and political dimensions and shapes a critical deconstruction of certain scientific representations of educational phenomena. The epistemological evolution was the following: Phenomenology, Constructivism and Complexity.
The fieldwork was thought as “situation-in-life”: the whole research and the progressive research subject construction were driven by this “situation-in-life” itself.
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