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  1. Definition of Radical Constructivism by Ernst von Glasersfeld.
  2. What are Cybernetics and Systems Science? presented by the Principia Cybernetica Web
  3. Cybernetics: A Definition by Paul Pangaro
  4. A few clues about autopoiesis terminology by Lloyd Fell
  5. Definitionen des Erkenntnistheoretischen Konstruktivismus de 16 Jun 1999
  6. Autopoiese aus “Annettes Philosophenstübchen” de 16 Jun 1999
  7. Constructivism in mathematics education provided by Annie and John Selden, Mathematical Association of America 18 Jun 1999
  8. Sociocybernetics is broadly defined as including first- and second-order cybernetics, general systems theory, and various combinations and variations of these that can be subsumed under the term “the emerging sciences of complexity”, to the extent these can be applied to the subject matter of the social sciences. EN 30 Sep 1999
  9. Interaktionistischer Konstruktivismus ist ein kulturell und sozial orientierter Ansatz, der im Kontext der Geistes-, Gesellschafts- und Sozialwissenschaften entwickelt wird. de 09 Feb 2000
  10. Konstruktivismus - Formen & Varianten [Constructivism - Forms and variations] Aus: H. R. Fischer & M. Peschl (1996) Konstruktivismus (constructivism). In: Strube, Gerhard; Becker, Barbara; Freska, Christian; Hahn, Udo; Opwis, Klaus & Palm, Günther (1996, Hg.). Wörterbuch der Kognitionswissenschaft, S. 329-331. Stuttgart: Klett-Cotta. [Alternative site] de 14 Mar 2000
  11. Autopoietische Systeme by Björn Klippstein de 25 Feb 2001
  12. Sources of Meaning Hermeneutics and Semiotics en 10 Jan 2002

    Identification of the source of general meaning shared by all members of the species - general template of ‘meanings’ that are specialised through linkage to a context. Demonstrates the generation of categories based on the what/where dichotomy and self-referencing.

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