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  1. Overview of Autopoietic Theory the background for Maturana and Varela’s work by Randall Whitacker.
  2. Epistemological Constructivism by Francis Heylighen.
  3. Constructivist Epistemology: From Philosophy to Practice by Elizabeth Murphy.

    Constructivists generally claim that knowledge is not discovered and that the ideas teachers teach do not correspond to an objective reality. This site describes epistemology and characteristics of constructivist learning & teaching.

  4. Constructivism and Online Education and Psychological Foundations for Pre-Service Teachers - Constructivism by Peter E. Doolittle, Virginia Tech 18 Jun 1999

    Defines a continuum of 3 types of constructivism (cognitive, social and radical) and elaborates their relationship to education.

  5. Konstruktivismus - was ist das eigentlich? by Frank Thissen de 16 Jul 1999
  6. The Genetic Epistemology of Jean Piaget Short sketch of Piaget’s main theory of how knowledge developes in humans. It describes the primary developmental stages and the process of adaptation through assimilation and accomodation. en 20 Jun 2000
  7. Wolfgang Lenzen Realität und “Wirklichkeit” Kernthesen des 1994 erschienenen Buches “Das Gehirn und seine Wirklichkeit” von Gerhard Roth de 01 Sep 2000
  8. Selbstreferenz in systemtheoretischer und in semiotischer Sicht [Self-reference in system-theoretical and semiotic perspective] by Winfried Nöth in a festschrift for Siegfried J. Schmidt de 14 Feb 2001
  9. Radikaler Konstruktivismus von Xenia Zenner de 25 Feb 2001

    Grundannahmen des Radikalen Konstruktivismus, Autopoietische Systeme, Wahrnehmung, Kommunikation und Sprache

  10. Einführung in den Radikalen Konstruktivismus Schriftliche Hausarbeit im Studienfach Geschichte und Theorien der Soziologie im Grundstudium Soziologie von Marcel Baumgärtler. Kursbetreuer: René Reinshagen de 25 Feb 2001
  11. Tutorial sull’Autopoiesi it 26 Sep 2001

    Italian translation by Carlo Camilli of Randall Whitaker’s Tutorial on Autopoiesis (II generation). Versione Italiana, realizzata da Carlo Camilli, del Tutorial di Randall Whitaker sull’Autopoiesi (II generazione).

  12. Constructivist Learning Architecture (CLA) en 10 Jan 2002

    CLA is a hierarchical self-organizing system designed to learn grounded representations in the same way as infants, developped by Harold Henry Chaput.

  13. Zur Autopoietischen Systemtheorie, von Dieter Steiner Report Arbeitskreis “Theorie und Quantitative Methoden in der Geographie”, Dutch-German Symposium Bleubeuren, 1988. de 10 Jan 2002
  14. Cambiemos nuestras conversaciones y haremos un mundo distinto by Daniela Rusowsky in La Tercera May 21, 2000 sp 28 Mar 2002

    Discusses neurolinguistic aspects of Maturana’s work

  15. Notes on the Constructivist writing of Mataruna and Varela by Nick Drury  en 28 Mar 2002

    This note relates to the discussion about the difference between social constructionism and constructivism.

  16. Soziale Systeme bei Humberto Maturana by Christian Fuchs de 28 Mar 2002

    Discusses Maturana’s objection of Luhmann’s claim that social systems are autopoietic.

  17. Autopoietische Systeme by Christian Fuchs de 28 Mar 2002
  18. Quick Summary of ‘Constructivism’ en 29 Apr 2003
  19. Constructivismo, construccionismo y Terapia sistémica sp 02 Jun 2003

    Comparación entre las nociones de constructivismo y construccionismo social en el ámbito de la terapia sistemica. [Comparison between constructivism of knowledge and social constructivism with respect to systemic therapy.]

  20. Constructivist Psychology by A.S.B. Crosby en 03 Aug 2003

    An explanation of part of what underpins an English psychotherapy practice. Constructivism refers to the way people make sense of events by construing them in uniquely personal ways - forming constructs which then determine their actions. The page begins with a brief account of the genesis of constructivism and moves on to explain how it is used in psychotherapy.

  21. Conversation Theory of Gordon Pask in the Theory Into Practice (TIP) database: Theories en 12 Dec 2003
  22. Hinweise auf Literatur nach Stichworten [References from headwords to the literature] de 05 Feb 2004

    Diese Liste soll helfen, anhand von Stichworten in die Literatur einzusteigen (beispielsweise bei Referaten oder schriftlichen Arbeiten).

  23. Constructivist Approaches to the Educational Use of Computers Chapter in “Multimedia in Education,” written by Tony Brown en 05 Feb 2004
  24. Konstruktivismus in der Kommunikationswissenschaft [Constructivism in communication science] de 25 Feb 2004

    Survey paper that traces constructivist paradigms from individual level (perception, psychology) to systemic approach in theory communication. Summarizes key texts from Winfried Schulz, Siegrief Weischenberg, Günter Bentele, Michael Haller, and Ulrich Saxer.

  25. Constructivism: A short summary by Patsy Ann Johnson. Her focus is on learning and education. en 15 Feb 2005
  26. Constructivism [in teaching] by Glenna S.Gustafson en 15 Feb 2005

    Short intro in this “nontraditional” teaching and learning paradigm.

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