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What You Always Wanted to Know About Constructivist Education... Review of “Constructivist Instruction: Success or Failure?” edited by Sigmund Tobias & Thomas M. Duffy

Hugh Gash

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Upshot: Is education about memorising or about making meaning? Critics of constructivist instruction argue that it is more efficient to teach directly. However, there is an empowering engagement to making meaning and teachers need to know how to guide students in this process. Relevance: Open educational approaches are often attacked on the grounds that education should be about learning (memorising) important things like maths and reading. This book opens up this debate and shows the value of inquiry in classrooms with due attention to desirable learning of skills.

Key words: Constructivist approaches, education,


Gash H. (2009) What you always wanted to know about constructivist education... Review of “constructivist instruction: Success or failure?” edited by sigmund tobias & thomas m. Duffy. Constructivist Foundations 5(1): 64-65. http://constructivist.info/5/1/064

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