Author: Bart Van Kerkhove

Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium
Short Bio
Bart van Kerkhove is affiliated with the Centre for Logic and Philosophy of Science of Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Belgium) since 2000. He obtained a Ph.D in philosophy of mathematics in 2005. Currently he is a postdoctoral researcher and part-time lecturer in Brussels and Hasselt.
Constructivist approaches covered: This is the list of constructivist approaches covered in Bart Van Kerkhove’s publications in Constructivist Foundations. For a list of all approaches see http://approaches.cepa.info Mathematical Constructivism · Radical Constructivism
Scientific disciplines covered: This is the list of all disciplines referred to by Bart Van Kerkhove’s publications in Constructivist Foundations. For a list of all disciplines see http://disciplines.cepa.info Mathematics · Philosophy
Publications in Constructivist Foundations
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Van Kerkhove B. & Van Bendegem J. P. (2012) The many faces of mathematical constructivism. Constructivist Foundations 7(2): 97–103. http://constructivist.info/7/2/097
Van Kerkhove B. (2011) Dialectics in action, world at stake. Review of “bridges to the world. A dialogue on the construction of knowledge, education, and truth” by david kenneth johnson & matthew r. Silliman. Constructivist Foundations 7(1): 78–80. http://constructivist.info/7/1/078

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