Author: Jean-Louis Le Moigne

Univ. Paul Cézanne, Aix-Marseille, France
Short Bio
Jean-Louis Le Moigne is professor emeritus at the Université d’Aix-Marseille, France. Trained as an engineer, he worked in R&D, operations research, central planning, and logistics for an industrial firm for 15 years before he took a sabbatical year in 1970/1971 at the Harvard Business School and the Sloan School (MIT). Since 1971, he has been professor at the University of Aix-Marseille, teaching and researching in the fields of systems sciences and sciences of the artificial. He is still investigating their epistemological foundations in order to legitimize the “actionable knowledge” that these new sciences are supposed to produce. The titles of his main books (in French) are: La Modélisation des Systèmes Complexes, Le Constructivisme (3 volumes), Les Epistémologies constructivistes, and L’Intelligence de la Complexité, together with Edgar Morin.
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Publications in Constructivist Foundations
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Le Moigne J.-L. (2011) From jean piaget to ernst von glasersfeld: An epistemological itinerary in review. Constructivist Foundations 6(2): 152–156. http://constructivist.info/6/2/152
Le Moigne J.-L. (2008) Who conceives of the individual? Constructivist Foundations 3(2): 69–71. http://constructivist.info/3/2/069

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