Author: Michael T. Turvey

University of Connecticut, USA
Short Bio
Michael T. Turvey is a Board of Trustees Distinguished Professor (Emeritus), University of Connecticut, and a Senior Research Scientist at Haskins Laboratories. His awards include Guggenheim Fellow, Catell Fellow, American Psychological Association Early Career Award, Honorary Doctorate Vrije Universiteit (Amsterdam), Bernstein Prize in Motor Control, Lifetime Achievement Award (Society of Experimental Psychologists), and Association for Psychological Science Lifetime Mentor Award.
Publications in Constructivist Foundations
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Davis T. J. & Turvey M. T. (2016) One world, multiple organisms: Specificity /autocatakinetics versus enactivism/autopoiesis. Constructivist Foundations 11(2): 330–332. http://constructivist.info/11/2/330

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