Author: Roland Graf

University of Applied Sciences, St. Pölten, Austria
Short Bio
Roland Graf studied psychology, philosophy, Latin and pedagogics in Vienna. The longstanding journalist works as a lecturer at the University of Applied Science in Sankt Pölten, Austria, teaching semiotics, media theory and philosophy of the media and marketing. He is also one of the external Austrian evaluators for the European programmes for teaching adults (GRUNDTVIG) and for promoting mobility of learners (Leonardo). Currently he is working on his Ph.D. thesis in philosophy, A Phenomenology of Viewing. (Photo: Michael Baumgartner)
Constructivist approaches covered: This is the list of constructivist approaches covered in Roland Graf’s publications in Constructivist Foundations. For a list of all approaches see http://approaches.cepa.info Non-Dualism
Scientific disciplines covered: This is the list of all disciplines referred to by Roland Graf’s publications in Constructivist Foundations. For a list of all disciplines see http://disciplines.cepa.info Media Studies · Philosophy
Publications in Constructivist Foundations
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Graf R. (2008) A colorful theory in a black/white world. Mitterer and the media: Parallels, overlaps, deviations. Constructivist Foundations 3(3): 254–259. http://constructivist.info/3/3/254
Graf R. (2006) Review of: Stefan weber (2005) non-dualistische medientheorie. Eine philosophische grundlegung. Constructivist Foundations 1(3): 132. http://constructivist.info/1/3/132

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