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  1. Discipline Matrices for constructivists and cyberneticans, compiled by the American Society for Cybernetics
  2. Beat’s Bibliothek - Konstruktivismus with cross-references to books de
  3. Constructivism in Math Education provides a page of links to sites on Constructivism. Also includes a page of selected Internet sites with a constructivist orientation or that offer readings on constructivism.
  4. Non-Cartesian Cognitive Science (Maintained by Ronald Lemmen)
  5. Autopoiesis Related Web Sites
  6. WWW sites dealing with Autopoiesis
  7. The W3 Virtual Library of Cybernetics provides links to the science of control & communication in animal & machine. (Maintained by Alan Mills)
  8. More constructivism links (Maintained by John Kachurick)
  9. The Karl Jaspers Forum for target articles (Maintained by Herbert F. J. Muller (†)) en 26 Feb 1999

    The forum focussed on the discussion of basic concepts in psychology and psychiatry and related fields. It has recently been dealing with constructivist epistemology (Piaget and others). We are interested in commentaries to target articles by experts from various fields. Update: Since Dr. Muller passed away in January 2010, the forum does no longer publish new entries but remains accessible.

  10. Das Auge der Materie Eine Quantenlogik der Beobachtung und des Bewußtseins (Maintained by Martin Voggenberger) de 20 May 1999

    Wo befindet sich die Welt, wenn ein Ich diese betrachtet? Das,was wir als real betrachten, besteht in seiner Grundstruktur nicht wie in der Physik angenommen aus Atomen, Quarks oder Superstrings. Diese physikalischen Parameter sind Erscheinungen eines Universums, die als Ausdruck einer Realität aufgefaßt werden können,die anders ist als es selbst. Diese Arbeit möchte zeigen, welche Ausdrücke tatsächlich die Gesetze der Physik beherrschen.

  11. Education website for constructivism en
  12. Online Course Self-Organization, Systems Theory & Constructivism en 09 Jun 1999

    The Online Course is a development of Task 7 of the EU-TSER Research Project: The Self-Organization of the European Information Society (SOEIS).

  13. Der radikale Konstruktivismus (Maintained by Josef Größchen) de 16 Jun 1999
  14. Annotated Bibliography on Constructivism by Annie and John Selden, Mathematical Association of America 18 Jun 1999
  15. Autopoiesis and Journalism Theory Collection of links, references and texts are presented on the topic of Autopoiesis and Journalism Theory. (Maintained by Mark Deuze, The Amsterdam School of Communications Research) 22 Jun 1999
  16. Linkothek zum Radikalen Konstruktivismus und verwandten Diskursen Psychotherapie am Institut für Erziehungswissenschaften der Universität Innsbruck, Austria. de 17 Aug 2000
  17. The Observer Web: Autopoiesis and Enaction focuses on autopoietic theory and enactive cognitive science. Among others, it provides tutorials of Maturana and Varela’s theory , a comprehensive bibliography , the referential resource ”Encyclopaedia Autopoietica” , and a reading room of papers accessible on the web. This site has been massively updated in March 2001. (Maintained by Randy Whitaker) en 04 Mar 2001
  18. Collections of links on the Cybernetic Dimensions of Management Sciences by Tom Ernsing de en 15 May 2002
  19. Korean site on Constructivism 06 Nov 2002

    This korean site has translated papers about cybernetics, genetic epistemology, and radical constructivism (EvG)

  20. Seminararbeiten zum radikalen Konstruktivismus Zum Seminar: Radikaler Konstruktivismus SS 1999 de 29 Apr 2003
  21. Polycontextural Logic and the Philosophy of Gotthard Günther en de 02 Jan 2004

    Links to texts from and about Gotthard Günther and his polytextual logic.

  22. Constructivism.com en 10 Mar 2005

    is devoted to applications of constructivist thought in the field of education, and is maintained by Johanna Meixner at the University Eichstätt-Ingolstadt in Germany

  23. Vordenker Science Web en de 11 Dec 2007

    offers contributions from all branches of knowledge, science as well as humanities and cultural sciences with a particular focus on Gotthard Günther and Heinz von Foerster.

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