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  1. Instituto de Terapia Cognitiva

    It studies, comunicates and educates about the theory, research and practice of the Biological Theory of Knowledge of Humberto Maturana and the Post-Rationalist approach of Vittorio Guidano.

  2. The American Society for Cybernetics (old webpage) en
  3. The Principia Cybernetica Web provides many links to cybernetics.
  4. Enactivism Research Group in the field of education.

    Enactivism is a theory of mind, but from an Enactivist perspective epistemology and theories of mind and theories of evolution are very close to being the same thing. So discussions of Enactivism range through the traditional disciplines of philosophy, psychology, and biology. With reading list.

  5. Institut für Empirische Literatur- und Medienforschung (LUMIS) de 15 Feb 1998

    Its members: Siegfried J. Schmidt, Gebhard Rusch, Wolfram K. Köck, Peter M. Hejl, et al.

  6. KnowNet de 31 Aug 1998

    Kritik/Diskussion zu “Die Radikal-Konstruktivistische Wissenstheorie” von Ernst von Glasersfeld. By Marco Bettoni et al.

  7. Associazione Italiana di Psicologia e Psicoterapia Costruttivista (AIPPC) it en 10 Sep 1998

    The AIPPC aims at promoting (a) activities leading to a deepening and a spreading of the constructivist approach in psychology and psychotherapy, and (b) a cultural debate and exchange of experiences among people who, even if within different different theoretical orientations, share this common epistemological matrix. By Gabriele Chiari.

  8. European Personal Construct Association (EPCA) en 28 Aug 2007

    Its goal is to raise awareness of Personal Construct Psychology and its applications among Europeans, and to promote the exchange of ideas, information and training. By Chris Evans.

  9. Psicología de los constructos personales By J. Gutierrez sp 10 Sep 1998
  10. German Psychology of Personal Constructs (PCP) de en 28 Aug 2007

    It is devoted to the Psychology of Personal Constructs developed by George Kelly in 1955

  11. The International Society For Gestalt Theory and Its Applications (GTA) (Maintained by Gerhard Stemberger) en de fr it 28 May 1999

    Founded in 1978, the society is a scientific association established for the purpose of promoting the Gestalt-theoretical perspective in research and practice. Most of the members are psychologists and psychotherapists, but the membership also contains researchers from many other disciplines as well.

  12. A multilingual site for Autopoiesis (Maintained by Gaetano Giordano) en sp it 22 Sep 1999

    The site of the Centro Studi Autopoiesie Psicoterapia, Rome, Italy, the Center that will organize the Second International Symposium on Autopoiesis in Rome in 2000. Has pictures of International Symposium of Belo Horizonte (1997).

  13. The Centre for Personal Construct Psychology in the UK. Provides general info on PCP , a list of basic texts etc. 21 Jun 1999
  14. The private Institute for Systemic Experience Prague en 14 Jan 2000

    connects the constructivistic point of view with practice and education.

  15. Institute of Systemic Coaching en 23 Jan 2000

    It understands systemic approach as a rounded-off scientific discipline that issues especially from radical constructivism, general theory of help and corresponding models and methodology using in relevant practice.

  16. Constructivism and Discourse Processes Research Group Facultat de Psicologia i Ciències de l’Educació Blanquerna at the Universitat Ramon Llull in Barcelona, Spain. en sp 15 Jul 2000

    Founded in 1994 by Luis Botella and Josep Gallifa. Since then, it has attracted a number of colleagues from the field of psychology and/or education interested in exploring the potential contributions of constructivism to a variety of research issues within our knowledge domains.

  17. The Centro di Psicologia e Psicoterapia Costruttivista” (CPPC) of Rome and Padua it en 06 Oct 2000

    It is a private centre specifically oriented to George A. Kelly’s personal construct psychology and psychotherapy.

  18. The School of the “Centro Studi in Psicoterapia Cognitiva” (CESIPc) of Florence it en 06 Oct 2000

    It is acknowledged by the Ministry of University and organises courses in cognitive psychotherapy according to a radical constructivist approach.

  19. The Society for Constructivism in the Human Sciences en 27 Oct 2000

    This is an international organization devoted to encouraging and communicating developments in theory, research, and practices that reflect an appreciation for human beings as actively complex, socially-embedded, and developmentally dynamic self-organizing systems.

  20. iecps – Institute of Studies of Complexity and Systems Thinking en 04 Mar 2001

    An inter/transdisciplinary institute dedicated to the study of complex thinking and its applications to everyday activities, such as enactive cognitive science.

  21. Czech systemic society en 04 Jun 2001

    The mission of the society is the development and propagation of systemic approach linked to scientific discipline starting from the philosophy of radical constructivism, general system theory and related approaches and methods which are exploited in relevant practical application.

  22. Laboratorio di ricerca arte visiva it 06 Sep 2001

    A collaboration that focuses on the relationship between mind activities, visual education, esthetic behavior, and creative development. It is based on radical constructivism, incl. the attentional model of mind formulated by Silvio Ceccato, and his method of linguistic analysis of mind operation (Logonica).

  23. Institute of Systemic Studies en 26 Sep 2001

    The Institute of Systemic Studies (ISS) is an international scientific and experimental center for the research and development of systemic and constructivist theory and practice in all areas of human existence.

  24. CIRADE Centre Interdisciplinaire de Recherche sur le Développement et l’Apprentissage en Éducation fr 22 Mar 2002

    A Research Center located at Universite du Quebec à Montréal. For the last twenty years, it has become well known for its constructivist perspective. For example, Ernst von Glasersfeld has been a researcher visitor more than once.

  25. Sociedad de Terapia Cognitiva Posracionalista sp 13 Jun 2002

    It was created in 1990 after the first visit to Chile of Vittorio Guidano who developped Posrationalism, one of the main constructivist psychotherapeutic models

  26. Bochumer Arbeitsgruppe für Sozialen Konstruktivismus und Wirklichkeitsprüfung de 07 Feb 2003

    Diverse Texte von Einführungen in den (Bochumer) sozialen Konstruktivismus über Wirklichkeitsprüfung als Forschungsprogramm für die Psychologie, Beobachtungen moderner und postmoderner Wirklichkeiten etc. etc.

  27. Constructivism123 en 07 Feb 2003

    We are a living virtual community of persons interested in constructive approaches to life, learning, and human development.

  28. Systemic Solutions en 07 Feb 2003

    offers a large variety of resources concerning systemic and constructivist management, including an overview of expert modeling

  29. The Constructivist Psychology Network (CPN) en 19 Nov 2010

    is a network of persons interested in constructivist approaches to psychology, relationships, and human change processes. Those interested in personal construct theory or related areas of constructivist, constructionist, narrative, or postmodern approaches to psychology are encouraged to join.

  30. SCT Systemic sp 28 Aug 2007

    Website dedicated to Developmental Behavioural Modelling. This is a constructivist methodology for modelling developed by Scottich psychologist John McWhirter.

  31. The Italian Association of Interactive-Constructivist Psychology and Sociology it en 11 Dec 2007

    It embraces a position built on a theoretical pluralism and a pragmatic knowledge, founding its own predicate of reality not based on objective characteristics, but on demands of cognitive relevance.

  32. Centro Internazionale Di Didattica Operativa it 11 Dec 2007

    This is a non-profit association and research laboratory in the field of didactics. It considers the didactical commitment from the point of view of the Scuola Operativa Italiana, i.e. didactics as a way of thinking based on the attentional model proposed by Silvio Ceccato, Giuseppe Vaccarino and Vittorio Somenzi in the 1950s. The center organizes international meetings and promotes publications in didactics.

  33. Jean Piaget Society en 20 Jun 2000

    Established in 1970, is interested in exploring the nature of the developmental construction of human knowledge.

  34. ADAPT Program -- Accent on Developing Abstract Processes of Thought at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln en 27 Jun 2011

    Established in 1975, this multidisciplinary, Piagetian-based program was offered for college freshmen for 22 years at the University of Nebraska Lincoln(UNL). The project was based on Robert Karplus's interpretation of Piaget's work and was guided over the years by Piagetian gurus, first Carol Tomlinson-Keasey and then David Moshman.

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