Ranulph Glanville

Update: Ranulph Glanville passed away on 20 December 2014
Research Interest Virtually all the work I have done since my Ph D has been based in the notion that each of us constructs our own world. This came about from the observation I have made second by second since my birth, that observation is done by observers, and knowing is done by knowers. To disguise this is absurd. My interest in cybernetics is because it is the area of study that welcomes the observer (and allows him to make errors). My interest in design is because it is, par excellence, an area of constructing.

More details can be found in the Curriculum Vitae

Publications More than 170 papers, books, writings and similar, in the general areas of Architecture, Cybernetics, Design Theory and Philosophy. Some of these papers are available on-line in the Radical Constructivism Online Papers Archive
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Portrait in the Proceedings of Designing Design Research 2.