Special Issue Dedicated to the Scientific Work and Influence of


Edited by
Alexander Riegler

Published in the journal
vol. 34, nos. 1/2, 2005

Note: This page contains links to penultimate versions of the contributions.


Act always so as to increase the number of scientific perspectives. Introduction to the Heinz von Foerster volume

Alexander Riegler

From Vienna to California: A journey across disciplines. An interview with Heinz von Foerster

Stefano Franchi, Güven Güzeldere, and Erich Minch

Artificial Neural Networks

Artificial Neural Nets and BCL

Alex M. Andrew

Von Foerster meets Kohonen: Approaches to artificial intelligence, cognitive science and information systems development

Timo Honkela


The origin and conservation of self-consciousness. Reflections on four questions by Heinz von Foerster

Humberto Maturana Romesín

Constructive memory

Alexander Riegler

Inside embodiment: What means embodiment for radical constructivists?

Bernd Porr & Florentin Wörgötter

Cybernetics and embodied cognition: On the construction of realities in organisms and robots

Tom Ziemke

Formal Systems


Louis H. Kauffman

Visualization of concept formation and learning

Alfred Inselberg

Quantum Physics

A theory of concepts and their combinations I: The structure of the sets of contexts and properties

Diederik Aerts & Liane Gabora

A theory of concepts and their combinations II: A Hilbert space representation

Diederik Aerts & Liane Gabora

Observing quantum systems

Gerhard Grössing

Social Dimensions

Self-organization, knowledge and responsibility

Christian Fuchs & Wolfgang Hofkirchner

Autonomy: Starting point and goal of personal and social change. A constructivist perspective on knowledge management in empowerment processes

Martin Schaurhofer & Markus F. Peschl


What I learned from Heinz von Foerster about the construction of science (Figures)

Stuart Umpleby

A peaceful coexistence of epistemologies

Urban Kordeš