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  1. The Ingrid Thought Processor en 06 Jun 1998

    Ingrid is a rep-grid freeware offer to Kellian constructivists- who make inferences about meanings by looking at the relationship between constructs. Ingrid is not a dendritic pruning method but uses Principle Component Analysis.

  2. Reality Check – Rhetorical Support for Constructivist Pedagogy at Georgia Tech’s Center for NewMedia in the School of Literature, Communication and Culture en 15 Jul 2000

    Educational software that will aid educators in understanding how their assignments are construed by students and why they are construed that way. Though many teachers readily accept that such an understanding is prerequisite if they are to direct their subsequent efforts purposefully, there are few technological aids that supports this early intervention.

  3. Wired Class en 01 Sep 2000

    A Web-based learning environment for teaching students at a distance called Wired Class. Wired Class based on principles and guidelines of constructivist in designing, developing and evaluation of learning.

  4. KLEAR (Maintained by ) de 18 Dec 2001

    is a multimedia learning software based on constructivist theories of learning. Scientific support by Prof. Dr. Frank Thissen, Karlsruhe, Germany.

  5. Moodle (Maintained by ) en 18 Dec 2001

    is a flexible open-source software package for producing internet-based courses and web sites. It’s an ongoing research/development project designed to support a constructivist framework of education.

  6. nummòlt en sp 14 Sep 2002

    Math manipulatives & construction toys for understanding of number sense. Flat blocks manipulation by computer. Didactic tools around mathematics and physics.

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