Welcome to the DIANA Object Database

The DiscAnalysis Object Database was initially created for the purposes of the DIANA (EU SPACE-2011/FP7) project.

It contains a unique, panchromatic collection of data on a sample of 85 T Tauri and Herbig Ae objects. Data covers a range from X-rays to centimeter wavelengths that has been compiled from more than 50 different astronomical facilities.

Datasets are also complemented by information collected from more than 100 published articles. In addition to the observational datasets the collection contains dust (MCFOST, MCMAX) and gas (ProDiMo) radiative transfer model input and output files for a subset of sources.

Filter transmission functions and detector efficiencies used can be downloaded here.

The data collection is provided “as is” for further use to the community. If you make use of this data collection, please reference the relevant publication. The database and relevant data content is described in Dionatos et al. 2019 and the model results in Woitke et al. 2019, while the model results in Kamp et al. 2018 (submitted).

For questions, comments or suggestions please contact me

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