Good Night, Dżerzi

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Publisher: Swiat Ksiazki
ISBN: 978-8324721351
ISSN: 8324721355
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Country: Poland
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In his latest novel, Janusz Głowacki creates an elaborate psychological and social portrayal in which scenes from Jerzy Kosiński's life intertwine with the story of the narrator who is working on a screenplay for a film about the writer. The narrator is based on the personage of Głowacki himself, who was a close friend of Kosiński.

The life history of a man who searched for a reason to live unexpectedly transforms into the story of persons entangled into his life and diabolically affected by him, including the author himself, set in characteristic corners of New York City.

The novel searches for an answer to a question who Jerzy Kosiński truly was: a Polish Jew who made a successful career in the USA? A controversial man who relentlessly modified his autobiography? A man tormented by the trauma of the Holocaust? A frequent purveyor of sadomasochist clubs? A man suspected of fraud with regard to his authorship of the acclaimed novel The Painted Bird? Or was he someone else altogether?"


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