Móric Beňovský


Beniowski, the Hungarian king of Madagascar

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Although Madagascar is very far from Hungary, already in the 18th century there was a Hungarian travelling here, a remarkable traveller, discoverer, colonizer, writer and adventurer, Maurice Beniowski.  Beniowski was born in 1746, in Vrbove, Hungary (today Slovakia) in a noble and rich family. His life full with adventures led him from exiles to the French army, from Poland through Russia, Macao, America to the exotic island of Madagascar. Beniowski was the first European to discover the Northern Pacific well before James Cook and J. F. Perouse.

His career began as an officer in the Austrian army during the Seven Years War.  Due to religious misunderstandings and his conflicts with the authority he leaves the country and joins the uprising against the Russians to liberate Poland. He is captured by the Russians and exiled in Kamchatka. He escapes and travels through Macao and Japan discovering as well the Northern Pacific. He arrives to France where he meets Benjamin Franklin and Kasmierz Pulanski, with whom he travels to the United States and participates in the American Revolution. After returning to France he offers his services to King Louis XV and presents him his plan about a colony on Madagascar.


Personal Data

pán gróf Móric Beňovský
Activity: Autor, Weltreisender, Politiker
Phone Number:
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Born in:
Place of Birth: Vrbové
Died in: Noch lebend
Place of death: Ambohitralanana
Country: Slovakia