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We are the Data Science Initiative of Students of the University of Vienna! Anyone and everyone interested in Data Science are welcome to participate in our workshops and hackathons, as well as to engage in the organisation and planning of future events and become a part of the Data Science Initiative.

Most of our events are suitable for beginners as well as advanced users. Our main goal is to create a supportive environment to help curious minds to get started with Data Science and to create a platform for training and sharing innovative ideas. 

NLP Workshop with Catalysts – 27th June

Have you ever wondered how computers understand and learn human languages? Come to our event on the 27th of June where experts from Catalyst show NLP algorithms in real world settings! 💻💭
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Looking Back: 2nd Data Science Hackathon sponsored by BAWAG Group

Newsletter and Getting involved

Don’t want to miss any upcoming events or workshops? Do you wish to actively participate in the Data Science Initiative? Keen on sharing your knowledge with other fellow enthusiasts? 

In that case, we look forward to hearing from you at dsi.students@univie.ac.at.

Research platform for Data Science @ Uni Vienna

Since established in May 2018 the Research platform for Data Science @ Uni Vienna aims to bring together researchers from different fields and backgrounds, with the main goal of jointly tackling the challenges arising in the new field of research.
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Why University of Vienna?

With more than 60 different study programs, the University of Vienna covers a wide range of the spectrum of knowledge and applied Data Science is found to be a key factor in each of those areas. Therefore we believe that the University of Vienna is an excellent starting point to bring together students from different disciplines, to aid the exchange of ideas, expertise and to discover the diversity of Data Science itself.