Head of the organizing team

  • Sepp Linhart
  • Professor for Japanese Studies, University of Vienna

Conference office Vienna (now closed)

  • Bernhard Seidl
    Judith Schmuck
  • local organizing staff
    assisted by 20 students during the days of the Conference

  • Anita Szemethy
    Gernot Mair
  • permantent staff of the

  • Department of East Asian Studies - Japanese Studies
    University of Vienna
    Campus AAKH, Hof 2
    Spitalgasse 2
    A-1090 Vienna, AUSTRIA

    Tel: +43 (1) 4277 / 43801
    FAX: +43 (1) 4277 / 43888

Section Convenors

  1. Urban and Environmental Studies
    Thomas Feldhoff , Natacha Aveline
  2. Linguistics and Language Teaching
    Romuald Huszcza , André Wlodarczyk
  3. Literature
    Modern: Reiko Abe-Auestad , Anne Bayard-Sakai
    Premodern: Maria Chiara Migliore
  4. Visual and Performing Arts
    Stanca Scholz-Cionca , Sonja Servomaa
  5. Anthropology and Sociology
    Brigitte Steger , Ingrid Getreuer-Kargl
  6. Economics, Economic and Social History
    Martin Hemmert , Dennis S. Tachiki
  7. History, Politics and International Relations
    Sven Saaler and Wolfgang Schwentker, both at
  8. Religion and History of Ideas
    Galen Amstutz , Mark Blum

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EAJS main office

  • Viktoria Heindorf
  • Japan Centre, Munich University
    Oettingenstr. 67
    D-80538 Munich
  • Tel.: +49-89-2180-9823
    Fax.: +49-89-2180-9827

Local Organizing Committee

  • Sepp Linhart, representative
  • Roland Domenig
  • Susanne Formanek
  • Ingrid Getreuer-Kargl
  • Erich Holubowsky
  • Megumi Maderdonner
  • Wolfram Manzenreiter
  • Bernhard Scheid
  • Brigitte Steger

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