Programme Section 1 Urban and Environmental Studies Japan's Aging Society and Its Problems and Implications for Future Urban Development

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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Opening Session
16:30 Welcome and Introduction (Natacha Aveline, Thomas Feldhoff)
16:45 Keynote Speech (Moriyuki Oe)
18:00 end of the academic programme

Thursday, September 1, 2005

Session 1
General and Comparative Perspectives
9:00 Population geographical aspects of ageing in Japan (Thomas Feldhoff)
9:30 Social Changes and the New Architectural and Urban
Developments in Japan (Botond Bognar)
10:00 Globalization, Development, and the Mobility of Technical Talent. India and Japan in Comparative Perspectives (Anthony P. D'Costa)
10:30 coffee break
Session 2
Changing Planning Paradigms
11:00 The Changing Paradigm of the Japanese Planning System in the Depopulating 21st Century (Shun'ichi J. Watanabe)
11:45 Prospect of the Tokyo Metropolitan Region under the New
Paradigm of Urban Policy (Hiroo Ichikawa)
12:30 lunch break
Session 3
Citizen Participation and Civic Engagement (1)
14:30 Developing Communities with Medical Institutions: The Activities of Japan Medical Cooperative (Bon Lim)
15:15 Community spaces through the residents interactions in daycare centers in Yokohama (Stephane Francois)
16:00 coffee break
Session 4
Citizen Participation and Civic Engagement (2)
16:30 Memory over monument: Japan's conservation conundrum in an East Asian context (Paul Waley)
17:15 Will Hiroshima and Hiroshima City be forgotten? The problem of ageing 'hibakusha' (Urszula Styczek)
18:00 end of the academic programme

Friday, September 2, 2005

Session 5
Shrinking Cities (1)
9:00 The Decline and Rebirth of Castle Towns after the Meiji Restoration – A Historical Perspective on Japan's Shrinking Cities (Jeremy Phillipps)
9:45 Shrinking cities as a challenge for Japan's future (Winfried Flüchter)
10:30 coffee break
Session 6
Shrinking Cities (2)
11:00 Downtown Suburbia in Japan Megacities: waterfront renewal facing urban shrinkage (Rémi Scoccimarro)
11:45 A Research on the Urban Regeneration Policies in an Age of
Shrinking Cities in Japan (Kenjiro Omura, Tomokazu Arita)
12:30 lunch break
Session 7
Urban Transportation (1)
14:30 The impact of aging on urban railway transport: comparative strategies of the JR group and the ôtemintetsu groups (Natacha Aveline)
15:15 Trains, Stations, and Urban Public Space in Postwar Tokyo (Julian Worrall)
16:00 coffee break
Session 8
Urban Transportation
16:30 Barrier Free Urban Public Transport (Oliver Mayer)
17:15 Organizational Matters (Natacha Aveline, Thomas Feldhoff)
18:00 end of the academic programme

Saturday, September 3, 2005

Session 9
11:00 Globalization on the local level: the adaption of domestic tourism to international tourism in Japan (Carolin Funck)
11:30 The particulate air pollution controversy in Japan (Brian Harrison)
12:00 The potential of direct sales of agricultural products for a new dynamics of city-countryside relationships; application for aged population (Amemiya Hiroko)
12:30 end of Section 1

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