Programme Section 3b Premodern Literature

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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Opening Session
16:30 中世王朝物語における『源氏物語』の痕跡 (藤井由紀子)
  中世女流日記文学論ー中世における『源氏物語』享受の一側面として (阿部 真弓)
  中世和歌をめぐる学問・教養と源氏物語 (海野圭介)
  『国宝原氏物語絵巻』に見る『源氏物語』の享受 (Hu Xiumin 胡秀敏)
  日本文学研究に関する情報の共有化 (伊藤鉄也)
18:00 end of the academic programme

Thursday, September 1, 2005

Session 1
Iterations of The Tale of Genji: beyond transmission/ reception
Panel Chair: Haruo Shirane
9:00 Genre Trouble: Medieval Commentary and The Tale of Genji (Lewis Cook)
9:30 江戸中期の公家と武家の文化交流ー柳沢吉保と『げんじものがたり』見立てを中心に (宮川葉子)
10:00 Replacing Genji: Nise murasaki inaka genji and the Late Tokugawa "Genji Boom" (Michael Emmerich)
10:30 coffee break
Session 2
Reading, Writing, Rewriting: The Sociology of Texts in Premodern Japan
Panel Chair: Michael Watson
11:00 The rediscovery of a text: the case of Shôbôgenzô (Aldo Tollini)
  The use of Chinese quotations in 'Bright Lantern Notes' to the introduction of logic (Kimiko Kono)
  Abusing the Muse: Mid-Heian poetic sages in medieval anecdotal literature (Gian Piero Persiani)
  The original layout of the Man'yôshû: From vocalized to silent reading (Yasuhiko Ogawa)
12:30 lunch break
Session 3
日本文学における「中国文学的なもの」: 一条朝における漢詩文と物語を中心に
14:30 一条朝の学問史と物語 [Learning and Stories in the Ichijo period] (佐伯雅子)
15:00 琴を弾くあて宮 - うつほ物語と漢文学 (江戸英雄)
15:30 Individual Paper: Orality and Literacy in Kojiki (Paolo Villani)
16:00 coffee break
Session 4
16:30 Filtering language, processing poetics – re-examining the role of 'Makura no sôshi' in classical poetics (Miika Pölkki)
17:00 The performance of the body as poetry: Izumi Shikibu in Mujû Ichien`s 'Shasekishû' (Raj Pandey)
17:30 Precocious children and unexpectedly worldly women: Two comic motifs in the fiction of Ihara Saikaku (David Gundry)
18:00 end of the academic programme

Friday, September 2, 2005

Session 5
Heian Homosociality and Kamakura Companionship: Same Gender Bonding inside and outside Twelfth- and Thirteenth-Century Literary Texts
Panel Discussant: Michel Vieillard-Baron
9:00 Homosocial, homoerotic heroines and the undoing of the hero as irogonomi (Edith Sarra)
9:30 Kamakura Companions: Homosociality in extant and lost Kamakura era court tales (Robert Omar Khan)
10:00 The importance of being likable: Asukai social appeal in a homosocial cultural economy (Christian Ratcliff)
10:30 coffee break
Session 6
Lasting Impressions: Printed Books and Publishing in Early Modern Japan
Panel Discussant: Oka Masahiko
11:00 Aesop, Esopo, Isoho: Transforming the fables in early modern printed editions (Lawrence E. Marceau)
  A tonsured Emperor as a 'slippery thing': Glimpses into the past through the 'Dog Pillow' (Lee Bruschke-Johnson)
  Properly female: Illustrated books of morals for women in Edo Japan (Elizabeth Ann Lillehoj)
  Networks and strategies in presenting 'culture' in the medium of woodblock printed books (Margarita Winkel)
12:30 lunch break
Session 7
Japanese Ways with Chinese Worlds: New perspectives on
"Quoting" China in Early Japan
14:30 'Plaintive but not seditious': Chinese, Japanese, and Sino-Japanese idioms of dissent in Nara and early Heian poetry (Jason Webb)
15:00 Quoting and using: Heian court poetry on Chinese topics (Wiebke Denecke)
15:30 Individual Paper: 'Not here': Gardens as a mode of transport (Ivo Smits)
16:00 coffee break
Session 8
16:30 The development of urban sites in eighteenth-century Japan, and Buson's practice as a bunjin poet-painter (Toshiko Yokota)
17:00 Examples of surrealism in Buson's hokku; a discussion about the problem of interpretation (Herbert Jonsson)
17:30 Hybrid prose of the kinsei literature. Multiple contents, pluri-modal prose and poly-functional books (Laura Moretti)
18:00 end of the academic programme

Saturday, September 3, 2005

Session 9
Interpreting Teika's Legacy: Four Textual Perspectives on the Reception of Fujiwara Teika
9:30 定家歌論にみえる「心を済ます」の価値 (Juan Xueyan)
  Following in Teika's Footsteps: The Poetry and Travels of Nun Abutsu (Christina Laffin)
  揺らぐ青表紙本経 (新美哲彦)
  藤原定家自筆『明月記』の新発見の断簡 (兼築信行)
10:30 coffee break
Session 10
Permutations of Popular Culture in Edo Japan
Panel Discussant: Sumie Jones
11:00 Awakening from a foolish dream: Didacticism and satire in the kibyoshi (Timothy J. VanCompernolle)
11:30 Individuality in an age of reproduction: Prints,novels, and the actor's image in nineteenth-century Japan (Jonathan Zwicker)
12:00 Upholding virtue, performing vice: The Way of the Would-Be Warrior in 'Nise Murasaki inaka Genji' (Lili Selden)
12:30 end of Section 3b

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