Programme Section 6 Economics and Economic History Beyond Developmental Capitalism: Political, Institutional and Technical Changes in Japan

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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Opening Session
  Chairs: Martin Hemmert
Dennis Tachiki


Keynote by Hiroyuki Odagiri

Harnessing the Potential of Science and Technology: The Changing Innovation System of Japan

18:00 end of the academic programme

Thursday, September 1, 2005

Session 1 (Room II)
Trade and Investments: Push and Pull Factors
  Chair: Marc Humbert
Discussant: Dennis Tachiki
9:00 Technological distance and Japanese trade flows (Carlo Filippini and Vasco Molini)
  Japan & destination marketing: Competing for talent, tourism & investment (Bruce H. Lambert)
  Japan-EU FDI: Past dynamics and recent trends (Valeria Gattai and Corrado Molteni)
10:30 coffee break
Session 2A (Room I)
Beyond Developmental Capitalism: Political, Institutional, and Technical Changes in Japan
Panel Chair: Janet Hunter
Discussant: Michael Schiltz
11:00 Doctors of finance: Personal knowledge and institutional change in Japan's financial sector (1870-1931) (Katalin Ferber)
  Modernization and war: Anglo-Japanese financial cooperation, 1897-1923 (Simon James Bytheway)
  Americanism, Germany, and Japanese industrial policy during the interwar era: Kishi's vision for modern Japan (Janis Mimura)
  Takahashi Korekiyo, Friedrich List, and the Cosmopolitanism of “National Economics” (Mark Metzler)
Session 2B (Room II)
Economic Geography of Japan: Industrial and Demographic Changes
  Chair: Andreas Moerke
Discussant: Marc Humbert
11:00 Market value of pharmaceutical firms in Japan during the period of internationalization: Some remarks on intangible assets (Jörg Mahlich)
  A study on the minimum national standard for public transportation in depopulated areas (Masato Imoto and Yasunori Doi)
12:30 lunch break
Session 3A, (Room I)
Changes in the Japanese Political Economy: Economic Policy and State Capacity
  Chair: Martin Hemmert
Discussant: Harukiyo Hasegawa
14:30 Structural changes in the Japanese economy in the 1990s (Franz Waldenberger)
  Disintegration of the social substructure of developmental capitalism (David Chiavacci)
  Is Japanese capitalism beyond developmentalism? (W.R. Garside)
  Financial Services in Japan: From Financial Supervisory Authority to Financial Serivces Agency (Jenny Corbett)
Session 3B (Room II)
Japan in East Asia: From Official Development Assistance to Comprehensive Economic Partnerships
  Chair: Dennis Tachiki
Discussant: To be decided
14:30 Political economy of ODA: A case study of Japanese aid to Nepal (Raghu Bir Bista)
  The Philippine-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement: A new dawn for Japanese development assistance in the Philippines (José Camacho)
  Comprehensive economic partnerships and company strategies: The case of Malaysia, the Philippines, and Thailand (Dennis Tachiki)
16:00 coffee break
Session 4A (Room I)
Structural Reforms: Public Policy and Economic Growth
  Chair: Rene Haak
Discussant: Cornelia Storz
16:30 Japan's FDI in a new stage: Engine to strengthen the Japanese economy (Shigeki Tejima)
  Corporate growth of SME in Japan: An advanced model (Hisayoshi Yamamoto)
Session 4B (Room II)
Labor Market Participation: Sectors and Genders
  Chair: Arjan Keizer
Discussant: Kevin McCormick
16:30 Globalisation: Employment and labour management in Japanese manufacturing enterprises (John Benson)
  The role of Japanese women: Past and present (Pilar Garces)
18:00 end of the academic programme

Friday, September 2, 2005

Session 5
Competitive Advantage: Reorganization and Relocation of Japanese Companies
  Chair: Bruce Lambert
Discussant: Shigeki Tejima
9:00 Life cycle of Japanese auto industry: A four-stage analysis based on six dimensions (Mesgena Tesfai Abraham)
  Success and failure in managing strategic alliances: Renault-Nissan vs. Daimler-Chrysler- Mitsubishi (Fabian J. Froese)
  Questions about the transferability of Japanese business model to China (Marc Humbert)
10:30 coffee break
Session 6
From Monozukuri to Management of Technology: The Evolution of Technology Management in Japanese Industry
Panel Chair: Philippe Byosiere
Discussant: Iris Wieczorek
11:00 High tech CEOs in Japan, and the UK: Background, objectives and market positioning (Junpei Higuchi, Keiko Matsunaga and D. Hugh Whittaker)
  Effect of open innovation on mindset standardization in Japanese software engineers (Kazunori Fujimoto, Shigeo Kaneda, Philippe Byosiere and Hirohide Haga)
  The rise and fall of Japanese word processors-interaction with personal computers (Takuya Kura and Eiichi Yamaguchi)
  Externalities and optimal penetration levels of intelligent transportation systems (Hiroaki Miyoshi and Tadashi Yagi)
  The myth of monozukuri- misguided economics and dangerous politics (Mon-Han Tsai and Mitsuo Kawaguchi)
12:30 lunch break
Session 7
Human Resource Management: New Economy and New Personnel Practices
  Chair: Pilar Garces
Discussant: John Benson
14:30 Japanese labor market in transition to the information age: A comparative study (Ramon Llopis Goig and Miguel Vidal Gonzalez)
  Preparing an IT labor force for the 21st century (Kevin McCormick and Yoshiki Kurata)
  The trend towards performance-based pay: Its impact on the logic of Japanese employment practices (Arjan B. Keizer)
16:00 coffee break
Session 8
Economics of Information Technology: Innovation and Knowledge Management
  Chair: Iris Wieczorek
Discussant: Martin Hemmert
16:30 Trajectories, innovation and lock-out: Learning in Japanese ICT sectors (Cornelia Storz)
  Knowledge transfer processes in Germany and Japan (Parissa Haghirian)
  Technological progress in modularized industries: The case of the mobile internet in Japan and Europe (Michael Haas)
18:00 end of the academic programme

Saturday, September 3, 2005

Session 9
Industrial Restructuring: From Macro-Reforms to Business Practices
  Chair: Dennis Tachiki
Discussant: Franz Waldenberger
9:00 Recent banking sector reforms in Japan: An assessment (Maximillian J.B. Hall)
  A tale of two monies: Electronic money systems in Japan and Germany (Mariusz K. Krawczyk)
  Position of Japan's software industry among the G7 countries (Phong Tran)
10:30 coffee break
Session 10
Doing Marketing Research in Japan: A Challenge for Non-Japanese Researchers?
Panel Chair: Parissa Haghirian
Discussant: Rene Haak
11:00 Marketing Research in Japan: Experiences and Recommendations (Shigeru Kido, Hiroshi Ônishi)
  Analysing Japanese data (Akihiro Inoue)
  Usability of Japanese corporate data for marketing (Andreas Moerke)
12:30 end of Section

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