Programme Section 8 Religion and History of Ideas The Theme of Pure Lands in Japanese Religions

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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Opening Session

Keynote Address by Sueki Fumihiko

浄土教の現世性と来世性 [This-worldness and other-worldness of Pure Land Buddhism]

18:00 end of the academic programme

Thursday, September 1, 2005

Session 1
9:00 Sanno Miya Mandara: The iconography of pure land on this earth (Meri Arichi)
9:30 Medieval kami worship: The case of Miwa Shinto (Anna Andreeva)
10:00 Ise Sankei mandala and the image of the pure land (Peter Knecht)
10:30 coffee break
Session 2
11:00 The phenomenon of invoking Fudô for rebirth in image and text (Karen Mack)
11:30 Tourists in paradise: Topographies of the pure Land in medieval Japanese fiction (R. Keller Kimbrough)
12:00 Kagura, hanamatsuri, and the concept of the pure land in Shugendô rituals (William Lee)
12:30 lunch break
Session 3
14:30 The Skillful Means of the Abject Buddhist Body in the Yamai no soshi, a Twelfth Century Handscroll Painting (Gail Chin)
15:00 Another land for women - imaginary of tosotsu-ten ôjô in medieval Japan (Saeko Kimura)
15:30 The limits of Buddhist salvation: icchantikas, bodhisattvas, and lepers in medieval Japan (Fabio Rambelli)
16:00 coffee break
Session 4
16:30 Bakin's belief (Harold Bolitho)
17:00 Monasticism in the Pure Land tradition: the Jishû in the mid-fourteenth century (Sybil Anne Thorton)
17:30 Shinran and semantics: The adaptation of pure land Buddhism to the Japanese (Natalia Petrovskaia)
18:00 end of the academic programme

Friday, September 2, 2005

Session 5
9:00 Overcoming of jiriki-tariki dualizm - pure land elements in philosophy of Nishida Kitarô (Agnieszka Kozyra)
9:30 Rebirth in the pure land - A postmortem fact or a religious experience in this life? The controversial interpretation of Suzuki Daisetsu (Maximiliane Demmel)
10:00 A phenomenology of self: Ueda Shizuteru's interpretation of the Ten Ox-Herding pictures (Steffen Döll)
10:30 coffee break
Session 6
11:00 Shiratori Kurakichi : The transition of his theory upon Yamataikoku between 1910 and 1942 (Yoko Takau-Drobin)
11:30 Takagi Kenmyo: A Japanese shinshu martyr and misfit of the Meiji era (Paul Swanson)
12:00 The militarization of the Pure Land in modern Japan (Brian Victoria)
12:30 lunch break
Session 7
Contexualizing the Pure Land Buddhist tradition in modern Japan
Panel Otani University Panel
Discussant: Shin'ya Yasutomi
14:30 Seeking the Pure Land in post-war Japan: Yasuda Rijin's search for a Pure Land sangha and Dôbôkai Undô's quest for a Pure Land (Michael Conway)
  Present-day social activities in Jôdô Shinshû (Ugo Dessi)
  The modernization of Shinshû in modern contexts: The case of Matsumoto (Takami Inoue)
  Facets of Pure Land Buddhism in Japanese culture (Elisabetta Porcu)
16:00 coffee break
Session 8
16:30 Religious Culture observed in translated literature and reality in Japan (Kayoko Nohara)
17:00 Kuroda Toshio (1926-93) and modern historiography on Jôdo Shinshû (Yoshida Tomoko)
17:30 Tariki, the adaptive unconscious, and authority (Galen Amstutz)
18:00 end of the academic programme

Saturday, September 3, 2005

Session 9

Cosmic Disc: the Kumano Kanjin Jikkai Mandala on DVD

(David Plath, Ronald Toby)

10:30 coffee break
Session 10
11:00 Sukhâvatî in the Context of Intermediate Existence (Ineke Van Put)
11:30 The Antarâbhava sûtra and its Implications for Linking the Intermediate Existence Doctrine with Amitâbha’s Pure Land (Mark Blum)
12:00 end of Section 8

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